The football chief uncovers conditions that encompassed his life at Wekundu Wa Msimbazi before he left for Timu Ya Wannanchi Senzo Mazingiza has uncovered issues squeezed him at Simba SC before he chose to leave and join Yanga SC.

The South African was affirmed at Yanga on Thursday in the wake of serving not exactly a year as Simba’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The head likewise said he had to leave Wekundu wa Msimbazi in light of the fact that he was troubled by any means. Editors’ Picks

“There were issues that pressed me and finally forced me to make the decision that I did. If you are not happy, the best decision will always be to leave,” Mazingiza told Mwanaspoti.

“I didn’t leave a harsh man and that is the reason I wanted them to enjoy all that life has to offer. What I can say for the time being is that the fans ought to excuse me due to what occurred as that is a piece of life.

“Football to me is a basic piece of my life and it is what is causing my life to go on.”

On Thursday, Simba’s seat Mohamed Dewji guaranteed Mazingiza left after he neglected to meet the objectives he was given particularly on issues of income age.

“I did not expect to hear that,” Mazingiza included. “Yet, again I don’t need a helpless connection to creating among me and my past bosses as that isn’t acceptable in any way.

“The last report I postponed shows that undoubtedly I met my objectives. I did what was in the financial plan with the accessible assets and we created income. The report will show him [Dewji] reality.

“It is consistently difficult to join a club and immediately to begin producing income. There must be a decent establishment and a legitimate foundation so as to guarantee income age.

“Such an initiative will always yield results in the next season but unfortunately, I will not be there.”

In a meeting with Wasafi Radio, Dewji expressed completely that Mazingiza ran before his report was examined.

“Our main priority has always been to cut costs but at the same time make sure the revenue goes up. When we have Simba Day, we know its revenue as well as revenue from SportPesa sponsorship,” Dewji said.

“We likewise know how much the Mohamed Enterprise sponsorship’s income is or more that any office is constantly entrusted to bring a report showing income has gone up.

“Before we met a gathering to talk about him [Mazingiza] and his report, he saw there was a difficult that was coming and it was an immense one. Along these lines, some are stating he has left with basic documents and mysteries however we have no issue.”

Simba are required to report the new tenant of the CEO’s office soon.

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