Delhi based band, Friends of Linger released their latest single, I am Who I am, on Tuesday.

                    Again in 2015, Delhi primarily based band, Buddies of Linger’s frontman, Sharif Rangnekar, determined to write down a poem, “with the intent to underline” his id as a homosexual guy. However as he “moved from verse to verse”, Rangnekar realised that “every individual” is identical and so,  the poem, from ‘I am’, become ‘You are’ after which after all ‘We are’. Rapid ahead it by means of 5 years, and that poem has been launched as a tune .

“In my mind of ideals and dreams, I felt that each individual matters, it shouldn’t be one over the other!” he says earlier than quoting filmmaker Tanuja Chandra, who seems on the finish of the tune’s tune video as neatly. “She, pretty much sums up what I wanted to say in a far better way: “Each of us is equal in the eyes of nature. So be who you are,” he says.



Titled I Am Who I Am, the five-minute lengthy, begins off with an acapella, after which breaks into an old style rock and roll quantity. It wasn’t a very easy procedure,as Rangnekar informs. “The song sat with us for a while as I lost my brother to cancer that year (2015). Given that he had heard the ideas around the song, it wasn’t easy for me to go into a studio and complete the piece. It was a bit over a year ago that we finally got things together,” revealing that the overall mastering of the observe, and the video, had been finished right through the lockdown.

“To put the video together wasn’t as difficult as I imagined purely because of the interest shown by each person who contributed to it. [But] I now wonder if we had no pandemic, would the video have come out the same way – everyone in their own space, mood, would that have been possible say at a site or [a] studio,” he says.

The timing couldn’t be extra best, for the reason that inherent concept at the back of the tune is that of celebrating oneness, particularly in occasions like those. “I think Covid-19 is not just about the fear of the virus, of life and death or about a health care system. It is also about the loss of space, the feeling that something has been taken away, including identities and a reason to smile. To me, this is the time to use music to remind each other that we all exist and are part of nature and of this world,” he says.

“The idea was to be optimistic while dealing with a very contentious subject of diversity. I hope it would come across as a spark even if tiny and that the message of coexistence goes across and [that it] touches some hearts and minds,” he provides.

Going by means of the reaction, it sounds just like the tune has delivered its message. “Interestingly, there are schools and groups within them that are sharing the song and deciding to hold discussions on diversity and identity. Now, that I never expected or set out to do,” he says revealing that Buddies of Linger has been approached, “by a few people”, to do a “series of tracks on diversity, sexuality, minorities etc”. However, whilst he admits its “overwhelming”,he isn’t “sure” that the band is in the correct area to tackle this sort of problem. “Not right now,” he indicators off.

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