Journalist-turned-author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu will go live on her digital chat show, from September 20.

 Little authored Sreemoyee Piu Kundu think about what future holds when she thought of her presentation true to life work, Status Single (2018) — an account that draws stories from the lives of more than 3,000 metropolitan Indian single ladies, about their day by day battle of being single. “It was a seminal work of female identity, and once the book appeared, a community organically flowered around it. That led to the creation of an online community, Status Single, on Facebook,” says Kundu, reviewing how it started. 

Single ladies steadily began interfacing with her, and this entire formed into a work that had “critical” discussions and “worsening” conditions, particularly during the ongoing lockdown. This provoked Kundu to begin a fortnightly computerized talk show named Status Single with Shree, which is by and for single ladies. Kundu clarifies, “There were endless issues that solitary ladies confronted — lodging segregation, lawful committee, psychological wellness and uneasiness issues, feeling underestimated, budgetary battles, [problems of] ladies with care giving obligations of wiped out guardians, ladies who needed to return to work. In the bigger scape of Indian ladies in India, we are just about an undetectable gathering on the grounds that there’s still so much disgrace and disgrace related with being single that it’s practically similar to we are willfully ignorant that the numbers are so high.”

“So many issues are close to my heart,” says the columnist turned-creator, including, “The first show we did was based on the financial struggles faced by single women. And the next one saw first generation single women entrepreneurs, and women artists in lockdown, and how they need to be helped, mental health problems.”

After the effective gathering of season one of the visit show, Kundu was totally intended for season two, and for the initial talk she had women’s activist social lobbyist Kamla Bhasin talk on the subject of more established single ladies and being a single parent with an in an unexpected way abled kid. In any case, that is not for there’s a heavenly line-up for season two that incorporates entertainer extremist Mona Ambegaonkar, producer Vinta Nanda, author social consideration lobbyist Sreela Dasgupta, and the preferences who will illuminate the features of being single, to bring however much perceivability as could reasonably be expected to the community.

“There are more than seven crore single women trapped in the lockdown, and season 2 of Status Single with Shree was started with the idea to deal with issues that are socially relevant, and bring some kind of hope, solution and answers to my community,” says Kundu, discussing the beginning of the thought.

Producer Vinta Nanda, essayist social incorporation dissident Sreela Dasgupta, entertainer extremist Mona Ambegaonkar, and artist choreographer-lobbyist Mallika Sarabhai, among others will be important for the show.

Entertainer and single unwed mother, Mona Ambegaonkar, who is one of the speakers in season 2, shares that she will discuss the decision of being a single parent, and scarcity of parts for moderately aged entertainers. “The issue of stigmatising single women, whatever their motherhood or marital status (divorced, widowed, separated, etc) may be, is a direct infringement of their rights to privacy, social equality, freedom and safety. As to motherhood, whether that of a single or married woman, it’s a glorious thing to bring a life into this world. But it must be a voluntary choice, specially and most importantly, on the part of the woman who will create this life and carry it to birth. No vilification can or will ever be able to insult or diminish motherhood, not even single motherhood. Those who try to do so are sad, pathetic creatures, in need of mental health care. I’m glad for the opportunity to encourage and stand in solidarity with brave single women who fight terrible battles, just to be safe and to be counted, through this show,” says Ambegaonkar.

“I have kept to my truths in public life even when called all manner of hideous names. It can be done and I need other women to know that, and have courage.” – Mallika Sarabhai, artist extremist

Artist choreographer-extremist Mallika Sarabhai is likewise cheerful that more ladies will discover “courage” through these conversations. She says, “I have been single for 30 years. And unlike most divorced women, I actively promoted my children’s closeness to their father. We have balanced priorities with them. I didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water! And I have kept to my truths in public life even when called all manner of hideous names. It can be done and I need other women to know that, and have courage.”

Movie producer Vinta Nanda, another speaker of season 2, says, “I’ve over 10,000 chapters or maybe more to my life and I’m looking forward to share everything said and unsaid, in the upcoming conversation. Sreemoyee knows that she can ask me any question she wants, and I’ll answer it (smiles),” says Nanda.

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