Shashaa Tirupathi recently released her latest song Siyaahii in collaboration with Papon.

 Good or awful, anything can become famous online nowadays, feels Shashaa Tirupati, who accepts that music devotees don't generally pass by the preferences or perspectives on a tune. As indicated by the vocalist musician, it's the first and remarkable soundtrack made with genuineness that consistently contacts a harmony with the crowd. 

As of late, the discussion around artistes purchasing counterfeit preferences, perspectives and devotees to advocate their manifestations, shaken the music business after rapper Badshah was blamed for this, which he later denied.

Get some information about it and she says, “Some people would probably be buying likes, but I don’t know much about them. I can talk about myself. Main toh fake kapde na pehnu, why would I get fake likes? I’m not concerned about the numbers. I think we artistes should just concentrate on good content and leave the rest to PR agencies.”

Rather than enjoying such practices, Tirupati feels artists should get their innovative game up and serve crowd with the best.

“If the music industry comes together and churns out good creations, that would help in making the general taste towards music better. Rather than giving people four trashy songs and ask them to choose the least trashiest, give them four impeccable ones, so they’re spoilt for choice,” she includes.

Strikingly, there are vocalists who scarcely have barely any thousand devotees, however their music is enormously famous. Refering to their model, the vocalist says, “They’re passionate about what they do and don’t care about people’s perceptions. So when you listen to them, you know kaunse log hai sunne layak.”

Tirupati as of late dropped her free melody Siyaahii in a joint effort with Papon, and she concedes that she appreciates investigating the non mainstream space and favors delivering her unique tunes autonomously to hush up about protected innovation rights.

“Unlike film songs that I’ve to sing the way I’m asked to, here I have complete control. I know labels have a better reach, but I’d prefer keeping my song-related decisions to myself,” says the artist, communicating worry over the current situation influencing autonomous artistes.

“People want to see a complete audio-visual experience and to create that, one needs resources. But in times like these when doing live gigs are difficult, singers aren’t earning much. I know many who earn from live gigs and films songs, and then create original music. So, I think right now such earning is the biggest struggle for indie artistes. Online paid live gigs are an option to survive that’s too happening at a slower pace,” she shares.

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