Anoushka Shankar released her EP, Love Letters in February this year.

 Favoritism and nepotism in the film and music industry has been talked about on numerous occasions, particularly after entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput's awkward passing. What's more, sitarist Anoushka Shankar lets it be known is hard for individuals to break into the music business in India. 

“Of course, it’s easier for people who come from families that are already established in music. For example, many of the music festivals prefer to give a chance to popular or named artists. That, therefore, doesn’t allow unknown artistes to break in,” she says. In any case, she’s brisk to include that there are a couple of concerts which permit lesser realized names to perform alongside mainstream artists, consequently helping them develop.

Absence of admittance to music or expressions when all is said in done is something else which, as indicated by the 39- year-old, keeps individuals from seeking after music as a full-time calling. “Access to arts at a school level is very important. I really wish music is a part of regular curriculum in schools, not just from a professional perspective, but also because of the psychological and spiritual impact it can have on children,” says Anoushka, girl of sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar.

The lockdown was without a doubt a difficult time for some, however Anoushka admits that it showed her how to deal with her vocation and individual life. “I was quite busy in the lockdown, because of my two kids,” she giggles, including, “Parenting was my primary experience during this lockdown. How to fit my artistry around my children (Zubin and Mohan Shankar Wright), instead of it being the other way around. It was challenging, but equally rewarding, too.”

It has additionally caused her to understand the significance of innovation. “I keep thinking if it would have happened 30 years back, our experience would have been totally different. It would have been incredibly difficult to even connect with each other, let alone think of the ability to do virtual concerts and create music. Things are going to change going forward, and will happen more remotely. That will impact creativity as well,” she says.

She has just begun adjusting the change. Her most recent music video for the melody Those Words, which is an aspect of her EP (Extended Playlist) Love Letters, was shot distantly, which scarcely had any effect on the conveyance of the tune’s message. “I just reached out to these amazing women, and asked them to record stuff from their homes. In a way it is a very stripped down video, as in it is very simple, there’s nothing fancy about it,” she says.

The whole EP kind of discusses the intensity of female companionships. What’s more, as an idea, however in the creation of this EP also, just ladies were included. Directly from engineers, to artists, just ladies were associated with this EP,” she includes.

Nonetheless, the most disappointing aspect of her work is additionally identified with the Internet. “I miss those days where we just focused on work without having to blast it on social media. I have a very mixed relationship with it. It definitely has an impact on you as a person. But the flip side to it is that we get a chance to make a relationship with our fans,” she says, approving the note that her “love-hate relationship with social media will continue”.

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