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A forlorn gran who claims she was conned out of £18,000 by her Ghanaian toyboy sweetheart and blamed for BEATING him has cautioned other lady not to be as guileless as she might have been.

Former probation officer Beth Haining succumbed to Rodney Cudjoe, a Ghanaian artist 30 years her junior.

‘I’ve been an idiotic elderly person who should know better,’ said 68- year-old Beth, of Redditch in Worcestershire.

‘I used to laugh at women who fall for these good-looking toy boys from abroad and think how gullible they are. Now I’m one of them.’

Gran-of-four Beth met hunky 6ft 1ins Rodney, presently 39, after the pair talked online in December 2014.

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She traveled to Accra the capital of Ghana, where he enticed her and proposed to her before his companions.

Beth proceeded with the wedding despite the fact that her kids back home implored her not to.

But in the wake of paying for a mate visa and pampering £18,000 of her reserve funds on her new lucky man and his undertakings, she asserted the delicate, mindful man she’d experienced passionate feelings for got mopey, cranky and cold.

He groaned about the food, the freezing British winters and blamed Beth for dealing with him like a slave when she requested that he paint her front room blue.

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p class=”mol-para-with-font”>Eventually in the wake of paddling constant, Beth wouldn’t restore his visa and gave him the cash to fly home alongside the taxi toll to the air terminal.

Instead, he remained in the nation and erroneously blamed the 5ft 5ins granny for beating him so severely she split his lip – which means she must be tested by police after they turned up on her doorstep.

She wasn’t accused of attack and is presently separating Rodney for the unrecoverable breakdown of their marriage subsequent to griping to the Home Office that he won’t return to Ghana. They abridged his leave to remain in the UK.

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‘He told me I was beautiful and that he loved me, but he lied to me and used me,’ said Beth.

‘I had quite recently sold my home when we met and had some savings.

‘I succumbed to him and thought he was authentic. I thought this was my fantasy sentiment working out and I pampered him with consideration and gifts.

‘I paid for everything, and we talked about beginning organizations together as I needed us to be happy.

‘We had the most amazing time in Ghana, it was magical. He couldn’t do what’s necessary for me.

‘We had intercourse toward the beginning of the day, at noon and at night – it was at any rate three times each day each day.

‘But Rodney changed when he came to Britain. He invested more energy resting on the couch than he did in my bed.

‘He would contend and yell about everything – the food, the cold and discovering work.

‘He got a job in a packing factory as I said I didn’t have enough cash to pay for everything. Yet, he stated: ‘How can you be broke when you’re British?’

‘He thought this was the place that is known for milk and honey.

‘It was a severe shock when he saw the truth of British life and living with me. He was a totally unique individual – he was either yelling or pouting for quite a long time at a time.

‘My two children and friends didn’t like him and when they came round he would go into another room. I thought it was a culture stun and he would adapt.

‘I wanted to make it work but eventually I realised it was all a lie.’

When their relationship separated, Beth and Rodney concurred he would re-visitation of Ghana as his visa was up for renewal.

‘I gave him the airfare and the money for the taxi but he took the key from the front door and didn’t leave,’ said Beth.

‘I needed to change the locks and afterward two cops went to the entryway saying that he had blamed me for attacking him. I never figured he would attempt to get me arrested.

‘I’m a large portion of his size, twice his age and have never hit anybody. It was silly however they requested that I give an announcement thus I wound up being tested for an hour in the nearby police station.

‘I was petrified, but luckily I had a solicitor and the police released me with no further action taken. I couldn’t accept the man I cherished and who I’d brought here so we could be together could blame me for that.

‘The solicitor even recognised me because he’d read my reports when I was a post trial supervisor. It was so humiliating and I realized then I needed to separate Rodney.’

Beth first succumbed to music maker Rodney after they met online in December 2014.

She stated: ‘I was a bit lonely as my sister Gaynor had died a couple of years earlier and my mum Barbara had been diagnosed with dementia but he was very friendly and chatty. We got on well.’

Soon the pair were informing and afterward conversing with one another each day.

‘I thought we were friends, but he started saying I had nice hair and he couldn’t stand by to contact it,’ she said.

‘We’d seen photos of one another and there was a gigantic age contrast so I didn’t understand he was being a tease from the outset. I preferred him and following a couple of months he inquired as to whether he could obtain some cash as he was trusting that a check will come through.

‘It was simply £200 so I did, and he vowed to repay me. At that point he required some cash for some studio gear and to put on certain shows where we would share the benefits and I sent him another £2,000.

‘We began talking about meeting up. I’d been to Ghana before as I raised assets for and been a volunteer at shelters over yonder and he requested that I visit him.’

She flew out to meet Rodney in August 2015 – and he actually deeply inspired at the airport.

‘He picked me up and gave me a peck on the cheek, but in the car, he gave me a full-on kiss which gave me butterflies,’ Beth said.

‘I realised then we weren’t simply going to be companions and that night we had sex.

‘We spent all our time together, eating out and drinking, meeting all his friends. He always had his arm around me and was kissing me. He couldn’t do what’s necessary for me.’

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Rodney even requested that Beth wed him four or multiple times yet she won’t, saying they didn’t have any acquaintance with one another well enough.

A week before she was because of fly home they went to a club – and he remained on the stage and proposed.

‘He said he needed to go through his time on earth with me and had organized an unexpected wedding for five days after the fact on 7 October, 2015, the day preceding I was because of fly home.

‘All his friends were there and they were clapping and cheering. I didn’t feel like I could state no,’ Beth says.

‘I adored him however I thought it was too early to get married.

‘I called my children who told me not to do it. They said he was too young and I didn’t know him, however I thought it was love.’

The following day she purchased a green wedding dress, the rings and requested that her neighbor send over her legal documents from her first marriage, which had finished in the 1970s.

‘It was when we handed in our papers that I realised Rodney’s genuine age. He had revealed to me he was 40 however when I saw his date of birth I understood he’d lied and truly he was 30.

‘I was somewhat stunned yet it was past the point of no return by then.

Beth flew home the following day and paid an attorney £3,000 to organize Rodney’s visa.

It was allowed in February 2017 – and he flew over to live in the three-room previous committee house that she was in the end left by her mother.

‘My mum gave me half when she died and left the other half to her husband’s youngsters in trust however I can live here for an amazing remainder,’ Beth explained.

‘I was excited to see Rodney but he was a completely different person. He didn’t quit groaning and nothing I did was acceptable enough.

‘I had a benefits yet additionally ran workshops for individuals with gloom and uneasiness, yet I needed him to work and he found a new line of work in a pressing factory.

‘He sent all the money back to Ghana to buy equipment for a music studio so I paid all the bills in Britain.’

Beth discovered her better half cold and far off – and they just had intercourse once that year. ‘He wanted kids and I said I obviously couldn’t have them and he at that point said there was no reason for having sex.

‘He began criticising me, saying he didn’t like my cooking and needed to prepare his own food, similar to sweet potatoes, plantains and rice.

‘He also said I was treating him like a slave as I asked him to do things round the house. I told him ‘that’s simply being a spouse’ yet he didn’t care for it.

‘He thought I should do everything as I was his wife. One time I asked him to clean up his mess and he slammed a knife down so hard on the kitchen worktop that he damaged it. I was a bit scared.’

Beth said she attempted to make the marriage work however that after constantly paddling she chose to complete their relationship.

‘We went for dinner with friends and he told them he had three swimming pools at his house in Ghana when in reality he has a fish pond. I hated watching him lie and realised then it was never going to work,’ she said.

‘He begged me for another chance and said that he loved me. He bought flowers and tried to shower me with affection but it was too late.’

Eventually Rodney consented to return home however Beth says she saw the front entryway key was absent. Subsequent to getting the locks transformed she believed that was the finish of her marriage nightmare.

But she was stunned when the police showed up to scrutinize her colloquialism that Rodney had asserted she’d assaulted him twice, punching him in the face and busting open his lip.

After saying something at the nearby police headquarters she started separate proceedings.

She likewise told the Home Office she was separating Rodney as she would not like to be associated with a man who could deceive the police I had assaulted him.’

She is presently sitting tight for her separation, which has cost her £1,400 up until now, to be finished and has just changed her name back to Haining.

Now she needs to warn other women not to be as credulous as she was.

‘I keep asking myself how could I have been so stupid as to be taken in by him,’ she said. ‘I figured it would never transpire. My activity for quite a long time was doing hazard appraisals with hoodlums thus I figured I would never be tricked by a man.


p class=”mol-para-with-font”>’But I got bulldozed all, and acknowledge it was all untruth. I was a senseless elderly person who succumbed to the Mills and Boons visit by an attractive, more youthful man f