Nepal’s Janakpur locals rejoice as they welcome a modern train after nearly a decade

 As a pristine train chugged into Janakpur Dham station in Nepal, it finished the sit tight for several individuals for the main current railroad in the Himalayan nation. 

The preliminary for Nepal’s first expansive check railroad administration in Janakpur started on Friday with the appearance of two trains to resuscitate activity in the Janakpur-Jaynagar segment.

For 78- year-old Hasim Nadaf, who had come to see the train show up on its preliminary attempt it appeared as though a “migrant family member,” was getting back after quite a while.

“I saw trains that ran on coal and then the steam engine and now the modern train. The phase-wise transformation is like the growth of my child whom I haven’t seen for many years. I was happy and cherished the sight of it arriving in the station,” Nadaf said.

Pratap Kumar Bhagat who likewise was available at the station repeated Nadaf’s assessments. “I felt as if my son was back home after many years. When a distant family member returns from abroad it brings happiness and prosperity to family, the train similarly is hope for employment and richness for us.”

The Konkan Railway conveyed two present day Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) trains to the Nepal Railway for Jaynagar-Kurtha wide measure line on Friday.

In May 2019, Konkan Railways Corporation Ltd had consented to an agreement arrangement with Nepal to gracefully two 1600 Hp DEMU train sets to operationalise railroad connect between Jaynagar in India and Kurtha in Nepal.

As indicated by The Himalayan Times, the train administration is relied upon to come into standard activity from November.

The recently produced train will cover a separation of 35 kilometers. The Government of India has been giving help to Nepal to the 69- kilometer railroad line.

The course of the railroad line is isolated into three parts.

The main part which extends from Jayanagar to Kurtha measures 35 kilometers while the second area from Kurtha to Bhangaha in Mahottari-17 kilometers. The third part is from Bangaha to Bardibas extending 17 kilometers, which is as yet under development.

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