Nobody rapes here: Payal Ghosh's 2018 tweet dismissing sexual assault in Bollywood goes viral after her Me Too allegation against Anurag Kashyap - Times of India

Actress Payal Ghosh’s tweet from October 2018, guaranteeing that “nobody rapes” in Bollywood has circulated around the web when the actress has demanded inappropriate behavior charges against Bollywood chief, Anurag Kashyap.

“Nobody rape here, they try to take chance if you are not comfortable, walk away as simple, no need to make so much drama,” read the actress’ tweet from October 2018.

A screen capture of the tweet became a web sensation via online media with Twitter clients examining her concerning the equivalent.

On Sunday, the actress’ legal advisor, Satpute said in an announcement, “Payal Ghosh has chosen to hold up a FIR against the denounced (Anurag Kashyap).”

The star is required to document the grievance against the chief at the Oshiwara Police Station on Monday.

Speaking to ANI, Payal stated, “Five years ago I met Anurag Kashyap regarding work. He called me to his house. When I went there, he took me to a separate room and tried to sexually assault me. He forced himself on me.”

The actress even proceeded to demand specialists to make a move against the chief.

Kashyap reacted to the equivalent on his Twitter handle and denied all charges, considering them as ‘outlandish’. “I neither behave like this nor do I ever tolerate this at any price,” he said.

While the actress has gotten uphold from a couple, including Kangana Ranaut, a few Bollywood stars, chiefs and even team individuals have approached to safeguard Kashyap and junk the charges against him.