Payal Ghosh: I don’t have any expectations from anyone and I don’t give a damn if they support me or not - Times of India

Payal Ghosh, who appeared in Kollywood with Therodum Veedhiyile and has completed a few movies in Telugu and Hindi entertainment worlds, has blamed producer entertainer Anurag Kashyap for explicitly attacking her a couple of years back. While Anurag has tweeted that Payal’s charges are unmerited, the entertainer keeps up her stand. Extracts from our talk with her…

When did you initially meet Anurag Kashyap?

This was in 2014- 15, when he was making Bombay Velvet. I was simply beginning my vocation in Bollywood and was doing a film with Vivek Agnihotri, called Freedom. I was beginning to meet chiefs, and my director had fixed a meeting with him over Facebook. Both my supervisor and I went to his office to meet him. He caused my director to sit outside and called me inside the room. There were others there and he was conversing with them, however he caused me to sit inverse him on a seat and continued looking at me. I didn’t consider it much at that point, and was, truth be told, energized that I got an opportunity to meet him. I at that point returned, and my administrator was with me at that point. I think, following a day or two, he called me and requested that I approach his place. He gave me his location and furthermore requested that I not wear whatever would uncover that I was an entertainer as he didn’t need individuals in his general vicinity to think a lot about me. Thus, I wore a straightforward salwar kameez and went to his place. He was totally fine that day also. He served me food, educated me regarding his battles. I was intrigued with his excursion. I left for the afternoon. He again called me on one more day, and requested that I come over in the event that I wasn’t doing anything significant. Thus, I went once more. This time, he was drinking and smoking something, which was not cigarette; it smelt very terrible. He began talking and calmly took me to another room, which was more similar to a library. There were old video tapes and books. He got me to sit on a couch there and afterward, began constraining himself on me. I was feeling awkward, humiliated, and I was unable to think straight. I didn’t shout or yell, and rather, began arguing. He said there are endless entertainers who are alright with him and that he had laid down with over 200 young ladies. He had so much pride while saying that! At the point when I didn’t move and continued saying I needed to leave, he comprehended I was not prepared. Thus, he requested that I be intellectually arranged and come back again later and we’d make some great memories. Assuaged to at last get an opportunity to leave, I revealed to him we’d make some great memories whenever and simply hurried out of his home. From that day till now, I have never at any point met him, regardless of him calling me commonly. He approached me to desire Holi festivities… yet I have consistently dodged him. He had inquired as to whether another person remained with me at my home, and I feigned that I was living with my family.

क्या बात है , इतना समय ले लिया मुझे चुप करवाने की कोशिश में । चलो कोई नहीं ।मुझे चुप कराते इतना झूठ बोल गए की…

— Anurag Kashyap (@anuragkashyap72) 1600542504000

For what reason did you not take his name or make some noise in any event, when the #MeToo development had picked up energy in India?

I educated my family and my companions concerning this episode, however they requested that I not utter a word about the business. They were stressed that individuals would ruin my life and profession. Indeed, even my companions said that they are individuals with clout and they would hurt me. Thus, I hushed up every one of these years. Nonetheless, I tweeted about what befell me… very nearly multiple times, however my loved ones caused me to erase the tweets. In any event, when casualties were exposing their predators during #MeToo, I took to online media to expound on this. Be that as it may, my chief was dealing with my Facebook and my sibling had erased my tweets. They continued halting me since they were concerned for me. They didn’t give me the boldness to talk at that point. At the point when I gave the meeting to the Telugu channel, the moderator disclosed to me that in the event that I shout out, I could spare a few ladies. Along these lines, I opened up about what befell me.

At the point when you tweeted tending to the PM after the meeting, the administrator of National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma, had requested that you document a protest…

Yes, I am conversing with my supporter and he is directing me.

While numerous from the business have loaned their help to Anurag, just Kangana Ranaut has tweeted on the side of you till now…

I realized it would occur. He is doing movies and entertainers who get their rozi roti (work) from him won’t oppose him. In any case, I realize that what I am stating is 100 percent valid. Individuals make some noise just if it’s in support of themselves. I don’t have any desires from anybody and I don’t care the slightest bit who’s colloquialism what, and on the off chance that they are supporting me or not. I have said what I needed to state, and I’m feeling such a great amount of better subsequent to stating that. I have been battling with this, this interior fight, for such a long time. On the off chance that anything occurs with my assent, it’s an alternate thing. In any case, compelling somebody since they have come to meet you for work isn’t right. You can’t underestimate everyone. You can’t feel that on the off chance that she has come to meet me for work, she is effectively accessible to lay down with.

Are your loved ones strong of you?

I originate from a traditionalist family, and individuals have been calling up, asking what befallen me. My sibling is vexed to the point that I made some noise. Yet, my loved ones will consistently be there when I need them. Indeed, even individuals from different businesses have loaned their help. I am possibly stressed that someone may assault me when I step out of my home alone. Simple doston ne kaha hai ki woh log ladki logon ke peeche aadmi laga dete hain. That is the main thing that is stressing me.

Has Anurag or somebody from his side attempted to connect with you?

No. At the point when this occurred, I had an alternate telephone and had tweeted from that telephone, labeling him. I think he came to think about it and he has impeded me on WhatsApp.