World Alzheimer’s Day 2020: Let’s break the silence around Dementia

 Ever since 2012, September has been World Alzheimer's Month. This year on September 21 which is World Alzheimer's Day, the subject is ‘Let’s talk about dementia' and a worldwide mission is being rushed to bring issues to light and challenge the shame that encompasses the infection. 

Since there is almost no comprehension of Dementia, the belittling and falsehood about the ailment is a worldwide issue. Subsequently, it is imperative to know the history and essentialness of the day and how you can offer help.


In seventh century BC, Greek rationalist Pythagoras talked about “a human lifespan” and called the later long stretches of human life as the ‘senium’. He depicted a time of mental and physical decay with the term senium. In the late 1500s and early 1600s Shakespeare too expounded on it in a portion of his extraordinary plays like ‘Hamlet’ and ‘King Lear’ where the characters endured the loss of mental keenness in mature age.

It was distinctly in 1901 when a German specialist Alois Alzheimer distinguished the main case in a 50- year-old German lady and the cerebrum condition at long last got named after him. Later in 1984, Alzheimer Disease International was established and in 1994, on their 10th commemoration, they reported the main World Alzheimer’s Day to be seen on September 21 while World Alzheimer’s Month was dispatched in 2012.


It is imperative to bring issues to light about this cerebrum condition since Alzheimer’s sickness influences around 6 percent of individuals matured 65 years and more established yet a normal of 2 out of 3 individuals worldwide have next to zero comprehension of it nor of dementia, as past examinations demonstrate. Many even consider this malady is an ordinary some portion of maturing which isn’t correct.

Alzheimer’s is the most widely recognized type of dementia which influences portions of the mind that control memory, thought or judgment and language or correspondence which are not kidding enough to meddle with a person’s every day life. While what causes Alzheimer’s isn’t known nor there is any remedy for it yet bringing down pulse, practicing and not smoking is considered by specialists to lessen the danger while prescription and treatments may briefly improve side effects of hypertension, hearing debilitation, heftiness, smoking, sadness, physical latency, diabetes and social disconnection.

Offer help

The 7 phases of Alzheimer’s malady are: stage 1 – no debilitation, stage 2 – mellow decrease, stage 3 – gentle decay, stage 4 – moderate decrease, stage 5 – respectably serious decrease, stage 6 – extreme decay and stage 7 – extreme decrease. The earnestness of this ailment requests mindfulness and henceforth, it is critical that individuals ought to comprehend and empower transparency and conversation on dementia.

While we have to have therapeudic treatment for dementia, one can help by individualizing dementia care, giving life care, uphold for relatives, shielding individuals experiencing it with ideal consideration, early analysis to improve a patient’s condition, conversation, destigmatisation, putting the requirements of the patient and family first, contacting the dementia patients particularly in the midst of lockdown, organizing support gatherings’ administrations and setting up a video or telephone conferencing with care accomplices who can help those experiencing dementia, thought of adapting methodologies.

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