Bhumi Pednekar on experimenting with her on-screen characters: I have a personal ambition to never fit in a mould as an artist - Times of India

Bhumi Pednekar is one of the most skilled entertainers in the business, who has cut a specialty for herself by conveying consecutive heavenly exhibitions on the cinema. Discussing the different characters that she has attempted on the cinema, Bhumi shared her perspectives on why individuals think about her to pull off any function easily.

Talking about exploring different avenues regarding her on-screen jobs, Bhumi stated, “I have to say that I have explored and experimented with roles and cinema in a very short period which has probably made everyone believe that I’m always looking to do something new every time. It is a correct assumption because I’m creatively very restless.”

Furthermore, she even included, “I have pushed myself constantly and I will do so in every film that I sign because deep down inside I want to test myself. I want to see how much I can push and reinvent myself on screen. I have a personal ambition to never fit into a mould as an artist.”

The skilled actress, who as of now has a few blockbuster films added to her repertoire, included, “I want to be remembered as someone, who constantly gave audiences something new. I want to be remembered as someone, who was unafraid to experiment and presented myself in the most diverse avatars possible.”