Enough rules for print & TV, govt tells SC in TV programme case

New Delhi: The administration told the Supreme Court on Monday that current guidelines for TV and print media were adequate, and asked the top court to stop from further directing them as that would wind up pushing substance to advanced media, which it said had enormous reach with little responsibility. In a new oath submitted to the top court, which is wrestling with setting out a scarcely discernible difference between free discourse and disdain discourse, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said any upgrades in guideline, whenever required, ought to be left to Parliament to choose.

“Any further regulation… by this court by way of guidelines or providing any other redressal mechanism would incentivise broadcasters (who may otherwise be desirous of publishing/telecasting undesirable content) to use electronic media much less and publish the same on digital platforms, which would remain unregulated despite having a wider reach without any corresponding responsibility or obligation,” it said.

Apetition has been documented in SC against a program claiming a trick to fill the administration with individuals from a specific network. The court has been inspecting in the case of attacking the network is commensurate to detest discourse, and in the event that it can, as a sacred court, set down rules to check scorn discourse without chillingly affecting free discourse. Then, the court has remained the broadcast of the program. Further contentions for the situation will proceed on September 23.