Palak Muchhal’s new song in collaboration with her brother Palash Muchhal is called Tu Hai Toh.

 Singer Palak Muchhal considers herself a without a doubt Bollywood playback artist. Yet, with outside the box music likewise taking up the equivalent measure of consideration space among audience members today, she needed to take a stab at it, as well. Along these lines, she has delivered another single named Tu Hai Toh, in a joint effort with her sibling Palash Muchhal, and Ash King. The melody, which has crossed 1.2 million perspectives on YouTube in under four days of its delivery, is an especially extraordinary venture for Palak. “I have written the lyrics for this song, and it is for Palash’s new label, which is why it’s very exciting. When it comes to picking singles, I am pretty choosy. I have been working in Bollywood primarily and singles are a still a world that I am trying to explore. I keep writing lyrics for Palash, but not professionally. But when I wrote this song, he said he wanted to use this song for his music label. So, I said go ahead and since this is a very good time for independent music because people are receiving it with all their heart, it’s a good time to come up with something like this,” says Palak. </p> <p> 

The Kaun Tujhe (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story; 2016) vocalist has sung a few tunes in Bengali, Kannada and Telugu films. In any case, when she came to Mumbai, to turn into a playback artist, she knew completely no one in the business. “I come from Indore, a small town. When I came to Mumbai, I didn’t know anybody, I was an absolute newcomer who was ready to do all the hard work required to become a playback singer. But when I came here, I was fortunate enough to have met Salman Khan sir in the first week of me coming to Mumbai. So, that kind of protected me from the struggle that I would have had to do otherwise. As soon as I met him, he told me that I would sing a song in his film. But for Salman sir to belive in somebody who was an outsider and give me a chance was a very big thing,” says Palak, who sang Laapata (Ek Tha Tiger; 2012) in the principal couple of long stretches of coming to Mumbai.

The vocalist includes that everybody has their own encounters however she can just represent herself. “Even when I got a chance to sing in Aashiqui 2 (2013), I was a complete newcomer. Yet, they trusted my talent and I have always been blessed to keep getting projects. I don’t think nepotism has affected me at all but there are people and I don’t completely deny that. But if I speak for myself, I have not faced anything like that, I have been absolutely lucky,” she closes.