Amazon Echo Wall Clock review

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Not content with filling your home with Echo speakers and Fire TV Sticks and Cubes, Amazon’s associated environment has as of late extended to take in different kinds of family merchandise. From exacting TVs to microwaves, one of the more interesting Alexa-empowered contraptions is the Amazon Echo Wall Clock.

Assisting with imagining your Alexa-set clocks and cautions, it’s a physical expansion of what Amazon’s voice partner can do.

In any case, is there much that can be added to an inside decoration watch by connecting it to other web-associated gadgetry? It shows up not – however that is not to deter the Alexa-adoring masses from giving it a look.

[Update: Amazon has revealed that it’s holding a hardware launch event this coming Thursday, September 24, which means we could be in for some upgraded Echo speakers, updates to Alexa, Prime Video, and Amazon Music, and new Echo devices. 

It doesn’t look as though the event will be live streamed to the general public, but it’s scheduled to start at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST (that’s 3am, September 25 if you’re in Australia) – and we’ll be here to cover all the announcements from Amazon HQ. 

There haven’t been any material leaks so far, but the invite sent to media mentions “Devices and Services”, so it looks as though we might hear some Alexa news as well as being treated to some new gadgets.]

(Picture credit: Future)Price and accessibility

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is accessible currently, evaluated at $29.99/£29.99/AU$49. There’s almost no other than standard tickers to contrast that evaluating with, and with a clock as much a plan piece as an utilitarian thing, costs shift generally. Yet, over a normal, essential tapestry clock, the Echo Wall Clock speaks to somewhat of an increase.


Have you ever observed a clock? That’s right, we suspected as much. The Amazon Echo Wall Clock looks simply like one, as well. There’s next to no in the method of laces or configuration thrive here – about the size of a supper plate, it has white numbers set on a dark face, with white hands and a white plastic casing. Note that it doesn’t have an unmistakable plastic spread over its face, so you may think that its gets somewhat dusty on the internal lower edge after some time.

(Picture credit: Future)

Fueled by four AA batteries (which should last a couple of months in any event), the Amazon Echo Wall Clock separates itself through its utilization of LEDs. 60 light scores lounge around the edge of the face, checking seconds and minutes, which light up when you set a clock on an associated Alexa gadget, and tally somewhere near diminishing appropriately. There’s additionally a blue-ish light over the ‘6’ on the base edge of the clock to note network. A matching catch on the back aside, and that is it.

Reasonably, at that point, it’s a clock first, and a device second. By being about as nonexclusive in style as is conceivable, the Amazon Echo Wall Clock will suit essentially all stylistic themes.


Regardless of an early availability glitch that made Amazon briefly stop deals of the Echo Wall Clock soon after its delivery, the Echo Wall Clock currently has exactly the intended effect.

Pop the batteries in, state to your Alexa gadget “Alexa, set up my Echo Wall Clock”, and you’ll be provoked to press the matching catch on the back, which triggers its Bluetooth association. The clock at that point sets its hands to the right time consequently, including taking sunlight reserve funds time into account.

Furthermore, that is it – you’re all set. There’s a screw and plastic stay included for divider mounting in the container as well – simply ensure you’ve combined the clock before joining it to your divider.

It’s important, in any case, that the Amazon Echo Wall Clock is as of now just viable with Amazon’s own Echo speaker line. On the off chance that you’ve a Sonos One, or a Fire TV Stick with voice control, for example, they won’t have the option to get the clock working appropriately. So on the off chance that you don’t have an Amazon-marked speaker, you’re in a tough situation here.

Highlights and execution

It tells the time – do you truly require a clock to do significantly more than that? No, yet the Amazon Echo Wall Clock has in any event one more stunt at its disposal. Ask your Amazon Echo speaker to set a caution, and the combined Echo Wall Clock will illuminate its LEDs to coordinate the clock like a flash and minutes. When a caution is up, the entire ring of LEDs nonstop face will beat with white light.

The clock can follow a second clock as well, with the more clock’s light following the quicker one around the edge of the clock.

(Picture credit: Future)

That is it –  but it’s likewise all it ever professed to do, and it does it alright. There’s a slight deferral between sending the order to your Alexa speaker and seeing it envisioned on the Wall Clock, which may baffle those following, state, short explosions of activity. In any case, for most of individuals, it’ll work fine and dandy.

Aside from those with hearing disabilities notwithstanding, it’s difficult to see who will profit by the extra visual components of the Echo Wall Clock. As it has no mic or speaker of its own, it can’t remain solitary in a room, thus will probably be put almost an Amazon Echo speaker. Also, as the speaker offers perceptible criticism for clocks as they complete at any rate, a glimmering clock may very well end up being pointless excess.


The Amazon Echo Wall Clock does precisely what it says on the tin – it tells the time, and envisions clocks set by a going with Amazon Echo speaker gadget.

On the off chance that that is all you need, at that point work done – it nails it, being anything but difficult to set up like a flash, and making for a perfect Echo extra.

Yet, it’s difficult to not feel like somewhat more aspiration here would have profited the gadget. Maybe a mains-controlled clock, that serves as an independent Echo Speaker? Or then again maybe not – the Echo Wall Clock does all it needs to, and maybe whatever else would make for something likened to those odd two-in-one toaster oven radios that were once stylish.

All things considered, this is early days for the extended Amazon Echo environment, and we’re anticipating the undeniably brave items that will probably follow afterward.