AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Camera: Don't Throw Out Your Rear-View Mirror Just Yet


pre> The AUTO-VOX W7 is a smart thought defaced by defective execution and some faulty plan choices. It might work for you, yet the vast majority would be ideally serviced by a dashcam/reinforcement camera combo.


Show can be mounted almost anyplace

Camera mounts safely


Show mount was inclined to falling

Long deferral between moving into opposite and show turning on

Laggy show causes backing up to feel off-kilter

Establishment measure isn't as simple as it could be

For quite a long time, reinforcement cameras and leaving help were the sort of highlights you'd just observe on top of the line vehicles. In any event, contemplating those highlights now, I begin to hear the piano music that so frequently goes with advertisements for extravagance vehicles and such. Luckily, innovation moves rapidly and these highlights are not, at this point saved for the top of the line.

Indeed, even moderately unassuming vehicles currently accompany reinforcement cameras as standard, yet that possibly applies in case you're purchasing another vehicle. Imagine a scenario where you're driving a vehicle a couple of years old and need the highlights without an update. It's conceivable and maybe even simple to include a reinforcement camera like the AUTO-VOX W7, however for this situation, you might be in an ideal situation staying with your past back view reflect.

What's In The Box?

This is by all accounts a more up to date emphasis of the AUTO-VOX W7, as the crate appeared to be unique contrasted with what I'd seen in more established photographs and it did exclude all that I've seen in different audits.

The principle two things you'll discover in the case are simply the camera and the presentation. Beside that you'll discover the force connector, remote transmitter/power source, pull cup mount for the presentation, a manual, and a guarantee card.

It appears to be more seasoned models accompanied a remote catch to initiate the camera, yet that was excluded with my survey unit.

AUTO-VOX W7 Specifications And Features

The camera the AUTO-VOX W7 uses to give you what's behind you is intended to sit on your tag, which means it's presented to the components consistently. Along these lines, AUTO-VOX has ensured it's IP68 confirmed so as to hold up to the climate.

This implies the camera is intended to withstand maltreatment from residue, soil, and sand, and can be lowered in water for a most extreme profundity of up to 1.5 meters for as much as 30 minutes. Obviously, if the camera is appended to your vehicle and is submerged for this long, you have more serious issues to stress over.

The camera is appraised to work in temperatures running from - 4 degrees Fahrenheit (- 20 Celsius) to 149 Fahrenheit (65 Celsius). For capacity, you can push those boundaries much further from - 22 Fahrenheit (- 30 Celsius) to 176 Fahrenheit (80 Celsius).

So as to perceive what that camera sees, you have a five-inch askew TFT remote presentation. Notwithstanding indicating the camera feed, this will show six customizable stopping lines to give you a thought of how much room you need to securely move.

As per AUTO-VOX, you can mount the showcase on either the windshield or your dashboard. A turn on the mount permits you to alter the presentation for simple survey, regardless of where you've mounted it. We'll perceive how well these really work later on.

Introducing the AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Cam

All things considered introducing and mounting the AUTO-VOX W7 is a moderately clear cycle. Everything you require to accomplish for the showcase is eliminate the defensive film from the glue on the rear of the mount. Stick the mount to any place in your vehicle you need the showcase to sit, let it grab hold, at that point join the presentation to the mount.

Finding the correct spot for your dashcam or reinforcement camera can be precarious, yet here, mounting the camera is comparatively straightforward. A great many people will need to put the camera on or close to their tag for the best line of site. You can do these either with the glue backing on the mount, or by joining it to one of the screws appending your tag to the vehicle.

For my situation, since I was joining the camera to a SUV, I utilized the cement and mounted the camera to the guard. This is on the grounds that mounting it to the tag would have required broad link rerouting, as the link was too short to even think about routing just.

This is the place the establishment gets dubious, on the grounds that all together for the camera to actuate when you need it, you have to wire the camera to your reinforcement lights.

Coordinating The Backup Cam With Your Backup Light

The genuine establishment for the AUTO-VOX W7 ought to be moderately basic: you should simply connect the positive and ground wires from the remote transmitter to the relating wires hurrying to your reinforcement lights. Tragically, this wasn't as simple as it could have been for my situation.

To join the links, you'll have to get to your reinforcement lights, which typically implies eliminating one of the back light congregations from your vehicle. This is basic as a rule. For instance, all I needed to do was eliminate two jolts and haul the get together out. You ought to have the option to discover how to do this with your vehicle on the web.

Appending the wires ought to be anything but difficult to, yet at any rate for me, that wasn't the situation. AUTO-VOX incorporates two clasps to make wiring straightforward. In principle, you should simply slide the clasp more than one of the wires racing to your reinforcement lights, embed a similar shaded wire from the transmitter, at that point use pincers or a comparable device to push down the metal tab. This should slice through the plastic on the wires and interface them.

For my situation, neither one of the clips slice through the packaging of the wire rushing to the reinforcement lights. They didn't slice through the packaging on the wire from the transmitter. I imagined that I may be accomplishing something incorrectly, however subsequent to viewing a couple of recordings online I saw this was undoubtedly how these clasps should function.

Being no more bizarre to managing wires, I basically stripped the wires, gone along with them, at that point secured them with electrical tape.

Modifying The Settings

Before taking the AUTO-VOX out for a drive, I explored thought the settings. These are gotten to utilizing a threesome of catches situated on the presentation.

You can modify the splendor and difference, just as whether you see an ordinary or reflected picture of what is behind you. You can likewise alter whether you see the lines for stopping help, just as the size of them.

These choices are convenient, however tragically, I was unable to discover the setting to make the camera usable.

Utilizing the AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Cam

With everything set, the time had come to evaluate the camera in real life. I began my vehicle, placed it in invert and... nothing occurred. From the outset, I thought I'd committed an error in the wiring, yet then a picture sprung up on the showcase.

I set the vehicle back in leave and the picture killed. Indeed, I moved into reverse. And once more, I stood by approximately one to two seconds for the picture to turn on. Alright, I get it just takes some time. I retreated from my garage, eye on the presentation, and really wanted to see the bewildering slack among movement and witnessing it on the camera. The camera may have just been a little over a large portion of a second off, however it was recognizable and diverting.

I put the vehicle into drive and headed not far off. As I quickened, the mount for the presentation gave a concise second of caution, at that point tumbled to the floor. Similarly as with a dashcam falling, this can be perilous, so I pulled over and mounted the presentation once more. It tumbled off again a couple of moments later. This was in the wake of letting it sit the whole time I'd been connecting the transmitter to the reinforcement lights.

The presentation in the long run quit tumbling off once I jury-fixed it a piece, yet for the remainder of the evening, attempt as I may, I was unable to become accustomed to the slack. This is inalienable in these frameworks, however I've never observed a reinforcement camera with such a recognizable postponement.

The lines for stopping are helpful, however I can't discover them valuable when I doubt the camera to such an extent. It resembles driving with a small time machine, continually backing into the past. I know A