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Gambia’s legislators have dismissed a draft constitution to supplant the 1997 constitution.

The archive which was to help change the nation’s administration framework couldn’t make sure about enough votes at the public get together.

31 National Assembly individuals casted a ballot for the bill to be passed while 23 individuals dismissed the new draft constitution.

The draft constitution has been a result of over two years work with a cross country conference with Gambians embraced.

Over $2 million (116 million Dalasi) was spent to draft the new constitution.

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However, following three days of discussion at the National Assembly over certain statements, the individuals dismissed the archive.

The feelings of dread over new archive

There are fears among certain individuals that the constitution is to guarantee that occupant president Adama Barrow finds the opportunity to challenge for president in new two terms of 5 years each.

For the bill to pass it needs to get 66% of most of the National Assembly.

The speaker of the house Mariama Jack Denton said “After days of debate the bill has failed to get the required two thirds majority, 31 members voted Yes and 23 voted No, which means the bill didn’t reach the two third majority to move to the next stage”.

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The Minister of Justice Dawda Jallow has encouraged the individuals from parliament to permit the bill to go to the following stage yet it was ineffective.

“Please I think you should allow the bill to pass to the next stage, if necessary we can look at some clauses which need to be amended to be amended” he said.

The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) was built up by an Act of the National Assembly back in June, 2018.

The Commission’s principle capacities are to audit and dissect the current Constitution, draft another Constitution for the Republic of The Gambia and set up a report comparable to the new Constitution.

Top five recommendations in new constitution:

The draft archive has a few change proposition. Here are a portion of the intriguing proposition:

The new archive proposes a long term service time restriction the president

The assembly can’t broaden the command of a president

The draft constitution proposes the preclusion of a presidential up-and-comer without a college degree

The draft Constitution involves 20 parts with a sum of 315 provisos

The draft archive accounts for a top to be put on the quantity of Cabinet Ministers a President can delegate, setting it at fifteen, barring the Attorney General and Minister of Justice

The draft constitution which was dismissed whenever passed would have gone to a choice and 75 percent of the citizens should cast a ballot Yes before it tends to be received to supplant the current constitution which was brought into impact in 1997 under previous president Yahya Jammeh.

This is a tremendous blow in the change cycle of the new Gambia which will even now require another constitution to shape a third republic.

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