METZ 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart Android OLED TV (M55S9A) Review

Sometime in the past OLEDs would cost a lot. Yet, with the advances in innovation, an OLED can be your for about Rs 1,00,000, in the event that you realize where to look. Something else to remember is that OLED TVs in India are accessible from LG, Sony and Panasonic. In 2019, we saw German TV creator Metz enter the Indian market. The organization brought its arrangement of TVs including an OLED TV. The OLED has an initial cost of Rs 99,999 making it the first OLED TV in Quite a while to be evaluated under Rs 1,00,000 yet, with a solitary rupee. After the early on value, the Metz OLED TV is estimated at Rs 1,19,999. Is it worth the speculation?

Key Specifications

Board Size: 55- inch 

Board Type: OLED

Board Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K

HDR 10 uphold: Yes

Dolby Vision Support: No

Weight: 20.7kgs

HDMI Ports: 3

USB Ports: 3

Bluetooth: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

Ethernet: Yes

Speakers: 20W 

Value: Rs 1,19,999 (starting cost was Rs 99,999)

Assemble and plan

The Metz OLED TV has a plan that helps me a great deal to remember the Sony Bravia A1. The Bravia A1 had an image outline plan where the TV reclined on the table simply like an image outline. The Metz OLED has a comparative plan. It has a kickstand at the back and when you place the TV on a table, you may imagine that it inclines back excessively far for a happy with survey understanding. Realize this isn’t the situation as survey point isn’t an issue with regards to OLED TVs. Notwithstanding, do realize that the base of the TV is flush with the table so you may need to reevaluate your set-top- box position or soundbar situation when putting the TV on a tabletop.

The speakers of the TV are underneath the board, forward looking and are secured with texture. The board is incredibly thin and the TV gets somewhat fat towards the base, yet that is on the grounds that all the internals are housed there. With regards to the presentation, there are practically no bezels around it, giving you a vivid encounter. There is a white light that sparkles underneath the Metz logo when the TV is on, yet it isn’t diverting. You can control the brightening of the logo in the event that you like from the settings of the TV.

Generally speaking, the work of the TV is superior, the board is thin and the image outline configuration is decent.

Ports and availability

With regards to availability alternatives, the TV has one HDMI port and two USB ports as an afterthought. These ports are taken cover behind a fold, which is pleasant, as it saves the stylish allure of the TV. The remainder of the availability alternatives are at the back. On the back, we have the AV input, LAN port, two HDMI ports, optical sound port, administration port and the radio wire port. In general, three HDMI ports is fine yet we do wish that there were an earphone port or a sound system sound (white and red) port also for network to an outer gadget. At any rate there is ARC for your home theater availability needs in HDMI port 1.

Show Panel & Picture Quality

Since the TV has an OLED board, we can anticipate the absolute best picture execution. The Metz OLED TV underpins 4K, HDR 10 yet doesn’t uphold Dolby Vision. Realize that when you utilize an OLED board, you are getting probably the best picture quality. Before we reveal to you how magnificent the substance looked on this showcase, how about we move the most noticeably awful. We saw a consume in like picture maintenance on the showcase. Notwithstanding, this was just noticeable when there is a uniform dark shading on the screen and it happened uniquely on this specific shading. This previously came to see when we started up the Play Store and opened the hunt choice which turns the whole showcase dark. From that point forward, we started up the showcase analyzer application on our Android cell phone and cast the screen to the TV. Lo and view, on the uniform dark shading, we saw the logo once more. This was the Netflix logo and the “x” logo which springs up in the update part of the Google Play Store. It’s something or other that on the off chance that you don’t have a clue where it is, you will miss it, however once you know where it will be, it will truly stand out.

Having said that, we’d prefer to emphasize that we just observed this on a dark foundation. For the remainder of our involvement in the TV, it was not obvious. So how about we separate the image execution of this TV with our standard slew of tests.


The TV approaches the Play Store so you do approach applications like Hotstar, and other real time features. The TV additionally bolsters Netflix yet tragically there is no local application for Prime Videos. You can obviously “cast” prime video substance to the TV from your cell phone as Prime Videos presently bolsters Chromecast and the TV has Chromecast implicit.

The magnificence of the OLED TV is its capacity to create vast differentiation proportion, genuine blacks and profound hues. This remains constant and functions admirably on the Metz OLED TV. Viewing Netflix through the underlying applications gave us admittance to HDR substance and it looked amazing. Modified Carbon Season 1 Episode 7’s battle succession is wealthy in subtleties, with decent features and key subtleties unmistakably obvious in dull corners. The gag streak in the moderate movement grouping here is totally inundating. The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode 1, where you have numerous vehicles passing through the desert is an incredible sight. Indeed, even the unimaginably dim Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, was noticeable on this TV.

Amidst getting a charge out of substance from the underlying streaming applications, one squeezing issue became obvious. You can’t get to any of the image settings when you are in an application like Netflix or Hotstar. In this way, on the off chance that you need to change the image mode or the sound mode, squeezing the menu button does literally nothing. This is a major killjoy and an issue for those that need to fiddle with the image and sound settings when expending content from the local application. In OLED TVs from Sony or LG, this isn’t an issue at all as getting to the settings when expending content from the local application is an only a catch away. The Metz TV creates gorgeous substance as it so happens yet not being able to control the settings is a bummer.

1080p content

An enormous inventory of Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar and more substance in India is in 1080p. From Game of Thrones to John Wick, Mission:Impossible and even Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and then some, 1080p content looks great. Without a doubt, on the off chance that you play 4K HDR content in its fullest limit and promptly change to 1080p and sit a simple 4-5 feet from the TV, you will have the option to differentiate. In any case, from a 6 to 8 foot seeing separation, the TV can imitate full HD and 720p content perfectly. We played a great deal of HD and FHD content from YouTube and it played back very well on the TV.


Proceeding onward to gaming, we utilized our Xbox One X to game on the TV. We had the option to mess around in 4K and HDR when upheld and the experience is in general excellent. From a game like Forza Horizon which has lavish conditions in HDR to Gears 5 which is our new benchmark for 4K HDR reassure gaming, the experience was generally excellent. It was uninformed successions that we understood that the pinnacle brilliance of the TV isn’t as high as the LG C9 (read our audit here), yet it is in no way, shape or form frustrating. On the off chance that you game on this TV, realize that you will have a charming encounter. The game mode setting of the TV isn’t in the image preset. So make sure to turn on game mode from the settings to get the best understanding.

Gaming on the TV is fun yet considering the cost of Rs 1,19,999, there is one interesting point. The LG B9 is accessible at a road cost of Rs 1,15,000 approx. The LG B9 underpins HDMI 2.1 on each of the four HDMI ports making it future evidence as well as viable with Variable Refresh Rate, an element present on the Xbox One X and future gaming supports. The B9 likewise bolsters NVIDIA G-Sync, which is another element to consider.


The sound from TVs is commonly frustrating yet that isn’t the situation here. The speakers are front-terminating which consistently aides and there is clear channel division particularly when watching activity content like a plane flying over the screen or two individuals toward the finish of the screens conversing with each other. This encourages add to the submersion of watching content on the showcase. Indeed, even at 30 percent volume, the TV is tolerably boisterous, making the sound incredible for ordinary survey. For the submersion in the warmth of fight or to really feel the shouts in a film like A Quiet Place, you will need to put resources into a sound framework. Yet, taking into account what’s on offer here, it is quite acceptable.


Going to the controller, its conventional and practical in plan. You have the standard design of catches with the number cushion on the top, D-Pad with menu controls in the center with the volume, playback and channel controls towards the base. The most bizarre arrangement is the quiet catch. It is directly on the top of the controller and is difficult to reach with one hand. It ought to have been at the base, closer to the volume controls.

With usefulness, the catches are clicky yet the drawback is that you need to point the far off toward the TV for the controls to work. Additionally, squeezing the Google Assistant catch on the controller sent the TV in