Vivo V17 Review

As the year finds some conclusion, Vivo has crushed one final contribution supporting its arrangement of somewhat premium mid-extend cell phones. It began with the Vivo V15 Pro early this year and finishes with the Vivo V17. Furthermore, in that time between, Vivo likewise carried some clever new advancements to make its cell phones contend better with any semblance of Xiaomi, Nokia and the others in this upper mid-extend section. The Vivo V17 encapsulates a similar way of thinking. That of offering fresh out of the plastic new highlights to tempt purchasers. Be that as it may, how predictable right? How about we discover —


The Vivo V17 takes on cell phones like the Redmi K20, Samsung Galaxy A50s, and the organization’s own Vivo V15 Pro, and most telephones in that value accompany in any event a 7-arrangement Snapdragon chipset. The Vivo V17 is controlled by the Snapdragon 675, the equivalent chipset that is on the Redmi Note 7 Pro. Nonetheless, the V17 offers 8 gigs of RAM and 128GB stockpiling in that cost. How can it passage in crude execution against its friends? Here are the benchmark charts —

On AnTuTu, the Vivo V17 scored 227263 focuses, which beat the Redmi K20 and the Galaxy A50s however missed the mark regarding the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s score. On Geekbench Single Core and multi center CPU benchmark, the telephone scored 511 and 1642, higher than the Galaxy A50s however much lower than the Redmi K(************************’s) score. On 3DMark Slingshot, the Vivo V17 scored 1919, a lot lesser than the Redmi K20 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Obviously, the Vivo V17 needs to up its game in execution to contend with the smash hits in the section. In any case, in reality, the Vivo V17 works fine and dandy. I figured out how to do my every day undertakings effortlessly on the Vivo V17 which fundamentally included shooting photographs, understanding articles, perusing online media and the preferences. Heavier errands like altering a RAW picture, dispatching applications like Google Earth and the preferences do take somewhat more time, originating from the OnePlus 7T.

On account of the Snapdragon 675 nonetheless, the Vivo V17 handles very good quality games truly well. We played PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty: Mobile on the telephone, and the presentation was acceptable no doubt. We tried gaming execution utilizing GameBench and all designs settings maximized, and the numbers were surely very noteworthy.

Black-top 9 conveyed 25 FPS at 71 percent security while Call of Duty: Mobile checked in a 36 FPS at 73 percent steadiness. PUBG Mobile ran the best with 30 FPS at 100 percent steadiness. Obviously, this telephone is very much tuned to deal with PUBG Mobile, and that shouldn’t be amazing considering Vivo is one of the accomplices of PUBG Mobile’s Esports competitions.

Vivo likewise offers a game community where you can see the CPU, GPU and temperature information progressively, block calls and messages and see general details about your game play. There’s additionally things like a voice-transformer for those worried about security while talking in-game, and the capacity to bolt the screen without delaying the game. What’s missing are 4D vibrations and Vivo’s instructional hub for games like PUBG Mobile.


While the equipment inside the Vivo V17 pretty much guarantees it remains serious, it’s the FunTouch OS the telephone runs on that interferes with it from offering that superior experience. For the vast majority, the UI will work fine after a marginally steep expectation to absorb information. For example, individuals used to having the fast settings in the warning board should swipe up from the base, like iOS. Monster symbol tiles, missing application cabinet, and a convoluted console are a portion of the jokes I confronted while utilizing the telephone, to such an extent, that I was unable to hold on to return to utilizing something different. The product is likewise founded on Android 9 and we don’t know when, if at any time, the Vivo V17 will get an update to Android 10.

It isn’t so much that the Vivo V(**************************’s) product does not have a great deal of highlights we like to find in telephones. Actually, it generally has them all. The UI has its own topic motor, a short 1 screen demonstrating customized data, dim mode, encoded vault and the preferences. In any case, at that point, the UI plan itself presently looks dated. Quit worrying about the bundle of bloatware applications you find on the telephone right and starting and the warning over-burden it prompts following a couple of long periods of utilization.

To be honest talking, the Vivo V17, and most other Vivo cell phones appear to be outfitted to the preferences and inclinations of Chinese clients, and Vivo clients in India must choose between limited options other than to live with it. It’s likewise the equivalent with any semblance of Oppo, Realme and Xiaomi, every one of whom tailor their working framework dependent on Chinese inclinations, and afterward change a few highlights for the Indian crowd. The Vivo V17 doesn’t appear to have any such explicit India-driven increases, and keeping in mind that that hasn’t generally halted Vivo from selling telephones in India, it could look towards creating something explicitly for probably the biggest market later on.

Battery Life

The Vivo V17 packs a 4500mAh battery with the capacity to quick accuse it of the 18W block that emerges from the crate. Generally, the telephone effectively keeps going a day, if you stick to simply the typical errands. Recording recordings and shooting photographs during a get-away will deplete the battery a lot quicker. We played PUBG Mobile and streamed The Big Bang Theory on Netflix for 15 minutes and the battery drop was around 4 percent in the two cases. That is a traditionalist number as we have seen different cell phones release a lot quicker. This moderate channel, I felt, was essentially a direct result of the forceful asset the executives Vivo utilizes. Applications in the foundation are taken care of not long after you’re finished utilizing it, to the point that it some of the time got hindering. For example, the battery logging application that we run in the foundation continued halting after just 15 minutes of recording. This forceful asset the board is considerably more articulated while gaming. Dispatching a  game through the GameCenter will slaughter all foundation applications to let loose assets which is frustrating considering the gadget accompanies a lot of RAM to keep probably some applications running. You can obviously whitelist applications you don’t need executed, however that is a since quite a while ago drawn convoluted cycle including a few stages.


With respect to the camera, the Vivo V17 rocks a quad-camera arrangement that incorporates a 48MP sensor, doubtlessly by Samsung, a 8MP super wide camera, a 2MP full scale focal point and another 2MP profundity sensor for pictures. Together, they structure an adaptable arrangement that offers a great deal of choices to the shooter. You can shoot in high-res 48MP or adhere to the default 12MP. At that point there’s super wide mode and a full scale mode, alongside a picture mode. In any case, how well accomplish they all work? We should investigate a couple of tests –

Day time

The Vivo V(**************************’s) cameras appear to be tuned to catch brilliant blue skies and green foliage. These two things are caught entirely well by the essential 48MP sensor and the super wide focal point. Just, the super wide focal point offers next to no subtleties on the off chance that you zoom in. The 12MP binned picture also feels excessively oversaturated yet looks satisfying to the eye. Unpleasant surfaces likewise come out fairly well. Inside with a solid backdrop illumination additionally come out well with great subtleties in the shadows. Yet, of course, on the off chance that you contrast and cell phones like the OnePlus 7T or even the Pixel 3a, the Vivo V(**************************’s) photographs won’t look regular.

48MP versus 12MP

100 percent harvest of 48MP image

100 percent harvest of 12MP binned image

The Vivo V(**************************’s) 48MP sensor lets you zoom in to see subtleties from far, and under 100 percent crop, the picture looks very sharp around the edges. All the components of the pinnacle can be recognized. Notwithstanding, as the following outcomes recommend, it’s smarter to take shots at 12MP. The 12MP binned picture of a similar edge demonstrates the hues, subtleties and the general clearness are greatly improved when contrasted with the 48MP shot.

Close-up versus Macro

Macro mode

With respect to the full scale focal point, it’s not as acceptable. You will show signs of improvement results from the essential focal point itself. The base centering separation releases you much closer than expected. Furthermore, the subtleties, sharpness and the preferences come out very fresh. The full scale focal point releases you as close as 2cm however the subtleties are no place in the same class as what you get from the essential focal point.

Low light

The Vivo V17 accompanies a committed night mode to catch low-light shot. The component works by joining various pictures into one to get a spotless, last shot. Subsequently