Sony WH-XB900N Review

Basically existing as an extension between Sony’s Extra Bass arrangement and the much-acclaimed Sony WH-1000XM3, the Sony WH-XB900N endeavor to give something of value to various sorts of clients at a lower value point than the extravagantly estimated WH-1000XM3. On paper, the Sony WH-XB900N have a ton to bring to the table including additional oomph down underneath (excessively much, as we will cover later), ANC, top of the line codecs backing, and the sky is the limit from there, all at a lower cost! Sounds ideal, isn’t that right? How about we discover.

Construct and Design

The work of the Sony WH-XB900N is amazingly suggestive of the Sony WH-1000XM3, especially the shape and styling, however you will ‘feel’ the distinction more than ‘see’ it since they feel substantially more plasticky than the WH-1000XM3. As you slide these jars out of their case, you will initially see that they are created out of lightweight plastic, gauging 254 grams, and as you put them on, you will see that the weight is circulated equitably over the headband. The enormous over-ear cups and the underside of the headband include thick and plushy adaptive padding and the general fit and solace level is phenomenal. Nonetheless, the adaptive padding on the cups gets essentially warm over broadened times of use, according to our tests. This will in general lead to perspire development around the earcups because of the absence of outlets for heat scattering. All things considered, in the event that you tune in to music for generally brief timeframes at a stretch, you shouldn’t encounter any sort of uneasiness.

The shade of the adaptive padding is equivalent to the remainder of the plastic outside which loans the earphones a solitary tone, clean look. The polished decorated Sony logo is carved on either side of the earphones and the surface isolates itself marginally from the general matte surface of the earphones. The bass vents which falsehood covered up under the aspect of the headband converging with the earcups have a gleaming dark surface.

The earphones are absurdly adaptable and nearly fixed up totally in our strength tests without even a squeak. They are genuinely compact also since the earcups can turn 90 degrees and overlap at the pivots to accomplish a littler impression. At the point when the headband is broadened, you will see a gleaming hardened steel fortifying band with plastic on the underside which fills in as a tasteful differentiation outwardly.

The left earcup houses a 3.5mm sound attachment to oblige the 3.5mm link which implies that you can continue tuning in to music in any event, when the juice in these jars have run dry (which will take some time, however more on that later). It additionally includes a USB-C charging port, one of the amplifiers, a NFC logo and two physical catches – a force button and a customisable catch. The customisable catch can be alloted as an ANC profile regulator or to actuate your favored voice right hand (Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa). Over on the right-hand side, the earcup houses another mouthpiece and the implanted touch-touchy board on top of the earcup.

Generally speaking, the Sony WH-XB900N are amazingly agreeable to wear, much over significant stretches of use, inferable from the enormous over-ear cups, the adaptive padding cushioning and an attempted and-tried plan include in the WH-1000XM3. They sport an unnoticeable and clean plan that isn’t generally intended to cause to notice itself. The earphones join a material conveying pocket, which isn’t as ideal as a hard case, a 3.5mm link just as a USB-C link.


The Sony WH-XB900N presents a plenty of highlights present in the WH-1000XM3 at a lower value highlight clients. How about we dive into the variety of highlights and their viability. First up, the earphones come outfitted with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), be that as it may, the bore of this innovation is miles from the WH-1000XM3, which is far predominant despite the fact that they sport a similar chip which Sony has named the “HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1”. Isolation, when ANC is turned on, is very baffling, particularly in the bass range which renders it unsatisfactory for drive. In our tests, we could hear the railroad tracks’ sounds, wind thunder and traffic out and about as unmistakable even with ANC turned on, which is honestly diverting, particularly when you’re endeavoring to look out of the neighborhood train window, tuning in to your preferred tracks, looking all contemplative.

Nonetheless, the ANC execution inside is unmistakably unique since it works very well in office situations. It totally cloak discourse and foundation sounds in such conditions, giving a really vivid encounter. This proposes ANC does well in shutting out the center range and high pitch outside sounds, for example, the voices of our loud publication group.

The earphones likewise brag a going with application – Sony | Headphones Connect accessible for Android and iOS clients. The WH-XB900N can get to a plenty of highlights and customisations through the application including versatile sound control, encompassing sound control, a fit EQ, sound position control and DSEE mode. Note: To get to more granular equalizer controls on the application, you should return to SBC streaming.

We wound up testing out Adaptive Sound Control a considerable amount, which is an identical to the Jabra 85H’s ‘Moments’. Versatile Sound Control basically distinguishes your environmental factors and activities utilizing its mouthpieces and AI abilities to set an encompassing mode for you. The modes incorporate – Staying, Walking, Running, and Transport. The encompassing sound is increased in strolling mode and inclined up much more in running mode to guarantee that you remain careful of your environmental factors, while it goes into complete ANC during transport and permits negligible surrounding sound during Staying mode. Utilizing the application, you can change these settings as indicated by your inclination. By and by, the analyst changed Staying Mode from permitting negligible surrounding sound in, to no encompassing sound by any means.

The element works very well, with it distinguishing staying (inside), strolling and running incredibly precisely. Notwithstanding, when it came to Transport, it experienced difficulty distinguishing when we were on a train and continued exchanging sporadically among Transport and Walking which incredibly disappointing truly snappy, since there’s a discernible ‘beep’ that interferes with your music each time it switches the ANC mode. You’d likely be in an ideal situation killing Adaptive Sound Control on the off chance that you travel a great deal, particularly via train.

Furthermore, these jars likewise have a component called Quick Attention mode, which by a long shot is our preferred element on the Sony WH-XB900N earphones. It’s a basic element which lets you immediately focus on your environmental factors by putting your palm on the privilege earcup. Basically, what it does is, permits encompassing clamor through and diminishes the media volume to a base as long as you keep your hand pushed on the touchpad. This is a very valuable and instinctive element, the sort that makes you can’t help thinking about why every other person hasn’t executed this as of now since it is a door into having snappy discussions or in any event, listening in…

Talking about the touchpad, the touch-touchy controls are amazingly responsive and simple to-utilize. A twofold tap will delay/play music or answer calls, swipe up or down will control the volume and swipe left or right will skip and go to the past track separately. Basic and instinctive, exactly how we like it.

Furthermore, Sony has consolidated help for a variety of Bluetooth codecs, for example, SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC which will excite audiophiles. There’s likewise NFC for snappy matching which includes just tapping your gadget to the earphones’ ear cup. Sadly, Sony has actualized Bluetooth form 4.2 rather than the business standard Bluetooth 5.0, which is seen on earphones costing less than the WH-XB900N also.


Remaining consistent with the ‘XB’ moniker in the earphones’ model name, the Sony WH-XB900N are ludicrously bass-weighty. Indeed, we’re talking bass-substantial on the levels where Beats fans may be pushed to exchanging transport. Sony utilizes custom electro bass supporters that change the lows to convey ground-breaking, profound and resonating bass. Nonetheless, for this situation, we discovered the bass levels to be very jostling and horrendous now and again.

The sound nature of these earphones that sport 40mm dynamic drivers inclines intensely to a warm stable mark and the mids and vocals are successfully recessed because of this. While bass sweethearts may appreciate the real physical bangs these earphones produce, particularly over higher volumes, the audiophile or even the easygoing audience may locate this blasting profile a piece excessively sloppy.

The bass is profoundly over-accentuated which resoundingly gets an abundance of bang and thunder in pretty much every sort of music, even the ones that aren’t intended to highlight it. This is plainly shown in tracks, for example, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. The fine subtleties in a plenty of non-bass instruments are consigned to the foundation because of this creation it one-dimensional, which is certainly not an extraordinary thing.

Going to the mid-extend execution, it is very conventional and even genuinely adjusted, notwithstanding, as referenced above, mid-go instruments and male vocals are dispersed because of the unreasonable bass. The highs are not exceptionally lovely and the reaction is very lopsided in this recurrence extend. You can observer this in Serotonia by Highly Suspect, particularly at the 2.38 mark. The highs tend to get sharp on occasion, and by and large the earphones simply need detail and splendor in this range, which is painfully frustrating, since the WH-1000XM3 is one of