Realme Buds Air Review

With the dispatch of the Realme Buds Air, the organization has forayed into the genuine remote headphones fragment following their Realme Buds and Realme Buds remote headphones. The organization is in the beginning stage with regards to sound items, however has been delivering skillful sound arrangements at a reasonable value point. The Buds Air is accessible at an excessively forceful cost while as yet offering very good quality highlights present in genuinely remote earbuds that cost almost four or multiple times more. We should dive into the audit to find out if the promotion around the Realme Buds Air is legitimized.

Configuration, assemble and fit

The absolute initially imagined that comes into view when you look at the Realme Buds Air is – Apple AirPods clone? Including an unnecessarily comparative line style plan alongside 45- degree calculated headphone spouts, the Realme Buds Air (the white variation) can undoubtedly be confused with the a lot pricier Apple AirPods. This is surely a promoting procedure utilized by Realme to charm clients into purchasing these TWS headphones since the AirPods are hugely well known. We were fairly frustrated by the absence of inventiveness showed by these buds. Indeed, even the gleaming, plastic exterior of the Realme Buds Air is practically indistinguishable from the AirPod’s, be that as it may, the receiver grille is a lot littler in examination.

We should make a stride back and talk about the charging case. The Buds Air are restricted in a reflexive, plastic charging case (our survey unit was the dark hued variation) that appears to be a smidgen more conservative than the AirPods case, just barely. The little factor is valued, particularly since the battery unit inside the case is fit for fixing up the headphones 4-5 times. On the posterior, ‘Designed by realme’ is decorated into the situation, which neglects to contrast the sparkly foundation. The base of the case includes a USB-C charging port, which is an extraordinariness in moderate genuine remote headphones. Moreover, the front of the case likewise has a lone catch that fills in as a matching key. The catch sits practically flush with the body, with minute distension. The case opens up effectively with negligible weight and snaps back utilizing magnets with a fantastic snap.

The hole for the headphones inside the charging case has a gleaming surface too. Yet, the stage nook sports a matte material which accommodates some fair difference inside the case. The headphones fit inside the cavity snuggly with magnets at the base pulling in the base of the headphones’ stem, accordingly causing them to sit for the situation safely. The case is effectively pocketable and the lump in the pocket is genuinely insignificant. In the case, you additionally get a USB Type-C charging rope, which for reasons unknown is white despite the fact that we got the dark variation. Discussing hues, the Realme Buds Air are accessible in three shading variations – Black, White and Yellow.

The headphones have 45- degree headphone spouts, as previously mentioned, to help in acquiring a cozy and secure fit. Notwithstanding, they follow the plan of the AirPods and don’t have silicone or froth ear tips. Sadly, this disturbed us a reasonable piece since the commentator’s ears are littler than expected. The headphones must be pushed in generally and turned angrily so as to wait in the commentator’s minuscule ears, which caused some uneasiness in the ear channel. While we managed to get them to remain in, the Buds Air’s fit actually felt shaky and free, particularly when strolling or with some vivacious head development while sitting in one spot. In any case, in the event that you have typical measured ears, the headphones should fit you no issue. In any case, this plan regularly causes issues with regards to latent disconnection in any event, when they fit in fine and dandy. Obviously, the Realme Buds Air aren’t amazingly secure in the ear when running or setting off to the rec center.


The featuring highlight that joins the Realme Buds Air is Qi remote charging abilities. The charging case can be set on any Qi-standard remote charger and it will start energizing right. It’s an amazing, eye-getting highlight to join in evident remote earbuds that cost under 5K. Remote charging works consistently. We set it on the Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mousepad on the charging hotspot and it got the chance to work with no hitches. The charging case was totally bested up inside roughly three hours, which isn’t excessively decrepit. Realme didn’t stop here with regards to sumptuous highlights.

The Realme Buds Air is likewise equipped for prompt association with a matched gadget the second the headphones are removed out of the charging case. The underlying matching cycle includes squeezing the catch on the charging case for 3 seconds and associating the headphones to your gadget by means of Bluetooth. After this cycle, the buds will naturally discover and associate with the effectively matched gadget inside a second, if not milliseconds. This is accomplished by means of GFP (Google Fast Pair) innovation and the outcomes are very momentous. We’d be much more overwhelmed if the headphones consequently started playing music from the gadget subsequent to interfacing, yet hello, we’re as a rule very nitpicky for an item that cost Rs 3,999.

Notwithstanding remote charging and quick auto-association, the Realme Buds Air additionally accompanies Wear Detection. Optical sensors are utilized to accumulate whether the headphones are set inside the ear or they have been separated. It likewise works when a solitary earbud is eliminated, which makes it simple for clients to have fast discussions by just pulling out one bud. Nonetheless, this element is by all accounts unpleasant around the edges. Initially, separating an earbud from your ear doesn’t quickly delay the music. It’s not exceptionally consistent since it takes around 2-3 seconds to delay after the buds have been pulled out. Be that as it may, music plays very quickly after you embed the headphones back in your ear, conceivably since it is a lot simpler for an optical sensor to measure what resembles the internal parts of an ear. In conclusion, the element worked around 80% of the occasions for us and neglected to enlist two or multiple times.

Realme likewise felt free to fuse a committed low inactivity gaming mode that additionally kicks in during video playback. Realme cited an inertness decrease of 51 percent in their tests with the typical idleness estimating at 243.8 ms while dormancy with gaming mode turned on was 119.3 ms. This brought about gaming and video criticism that was incredibly in a state of harmony with the yielded sound. Gaming was a delight with these with adversary strides sound in PUBG portable being in a state of harmony with the strides showing up on the minimap and the sound of shots being produce in tangence with the gag streak. We were unable to make out any observable deferral of sound while observing any video feed or playing portable games when in gaming mode. At the point when we exchanged back to typical or ‘music’ mode, a slight postponement was distinguishable however it wasn’t excessively disconnected also.

The Buds Air likewise comes stuffed with extra highlights, for example, double channel transmission which makes each earbud work freely, Bluetooth 5.0 availability, bass supporter driver, ENC (natural commotion dropping) for calls, USB Type-C charging, contact controls, and voice aide access. That is a heavy number of highlights for a couple of genuine remote headphones that cost 4K and Realme has genuinely given an element loaded pair of headphones that will give their rivals a run for their cash with regards to highlights.


The Realme Buds Air have incorporated touch controls available by performing taps on the posterior of the earbuds, over the bended body. A level body at the back would be ideal to precisely include contact activities. Because of the ebb and flow on the touch board, it is simpler to miss-tap on a superficial level, and along these lines there were many cases when the touch inputs neglected to enlist precisely or by any means. Notwithstanding, such issues happened sparingly and weren’t a tremendous issue.

The touch controls are quite clear on the Buds Air. You twofold tap the surface to interruption or play a track and to answer calls and a triple tap will take you to the following track. Long squeezing either earbud will enact Google Assistant or Siri and will end or decrease a call. At the same time long-squeezing the two headphones will actuate or deactivate the devoted gaming mode.

A couple of touch inputs are painfully absent on these headphones. There’s no arrangement to go to the past track, which is something we can even now live without. In any case, its absolutely impossible to control the volume and this implies you must draw out your cell phone each time you need to change the volume, which is something we do a ton, so it got baffling before long. This component could be effortlessly consolidated as well, by essentially permitting long presses to one side and left side to increment and diminishing the volume level separately, while a solitary tap could actuate the voice associate.


Controlled by a R1 chip for low idleness, which is Realme’s solution to Apple’s H1 chip in the AirPods, the Realme Buds Air highlight 12mm dynamic bass lift drivers and a multi-layer composite stomach to deliver the warm solid profile that functions admirably over various music kinds. The outcome is a satisfying sound mark that is overwhelmed by its bass drive delivering punchy beats. Nonetheless, this fiery bass reaction is shockingly controlled and examples, where the bass reaction sounds tangled and gurgly are incredibly low.

In the track Bad fellow by Billie Eilish, the bass bangs are perceptible and have huge amounts of drive, notwithstanding, the uprightness of Eilish’s wispy vocals is generally held. The hints of her incidental breaths are clear and discernible as is the snapping of the fingers out of sight. At the point when it went to Queen’s Another One Bites t