Sony Bravia A8F TV 55-inch Review

Sony Bravia A8F TV 55- inch itemized survey

Sony flaunted the A8F OLED at CES 2018 and the main recognizable contrast between the A1 OLED and A8F was the stand. In the event that you sign on to Sony India’s site and look at the particulars of the 2 TV’s, at that point you will see that in the engine they are controlled by Sony’s lead innovation that we saw in 2017 and truly, the main thing that has changed is the stand. Is it still a TV to consider? Peruse on and find out!

Key Specifications

Panel Size: 55- inch (accessible in 65- inch as well)

Board Type: OLED

Board Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K

Board Refresh Rate: 60Hz

HDR 10 uphold: Yes

Dolby Vision Support: Yes

Weight (with stand): 22kgs (28kgs for the 65- inch)

HDMI Ports: 4

USB Ports: 3

Bluetooth: Yes, 4.1

Wi-Fi: Yes

Ethernet: Yes

Speakers: Acoustic Surface (Actuator + Subwoofer)

Underlying capacity: 16GB

Value: Rs 249990 for 55- inch & Rs 359990 for 65- inch

Build and denews24nation

The denews24nation of the Sony A8F overflows premium. For the term of the survey we had the TV on its table top stand. The stand has a little impression which implies that when you place it on a little table, it will hold. There is just one significant downside of putting the TV on a table stand and this might be a major issue for a few. In the event that you are one that has a soundbar or keep your Blu-beam player, gaming console or anything that stands 3-inches tall, you will hamper the survey understanding of the TV as there is no space between the stand and the TV. Everything sits flush. In the event that you have a tabletop where only the TV will sit, at that point you can think about putting it on a tablet. Else I suggest divider mounting the TV.

Most of the network choices are at the rear of the TV. There you have the Ethernet port, RF port, 3 HDMI ports (of which port 3 is for HDMI ARC), one USB port Optical sound port and the recieving wire port. As an afterthought you have the Composite video input, 1 HDMI input, two USB ports, IR blaster port and the earphones out. The network choices are copious.

A beneficial thing about the TV is the link the board at the back. On the off chance that you are one that is finicky about the link the board, at that point there are boards which spread the back and assist you with directing the link conveniently. With great link the board, all you will see on your divider/table top is the TV. The bezels encompassing the TV are flimsy and the LED light at the base of the TV can be killed to give you one of the most vivid survey experience.

Overall, the manufacture nature of the TV is top- indent, and its denews24nation is thin moderate and ideal for a home diversion arrangement. Dissimilar to the A1 OLED TV, the A8F doesn’t have the image outline grade and I imagine that is a decent thing.

Display board and picture quality

The board on the A8F is equivalent to it was on the A1 OLED TV. Along these lines, the image execution that you are getting is equivalent to 2017. Presently, this is definitely not a terrible thing at all as the exhibition of the A1 OLED was truly outstanding and keeps on being so. The TV brags of  4K goal and supports Dolby Vision. Because of the Netflix application on the TV, you can appreciate all your substance in radiant 4K and Dolby Vision. In the event that you have the 4K Apple TV, you have an incredible screen to appreciate content from that gadget. Because of the OLED board, you get probably the best hues, most profound potential blacks and the most clear visuals we have seen on a TV. The main drawback is that the board is intelligent. This isn’t an issue with the Sony TV, it’s an issue with all OLED TVs accessible in the market. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a light source behind you when viewing the TV, you will have the option to see it in the board. We should separate the presentation of the TV further.


The magnificence of an OLED TV is its capacity to deliver interminable difference proportion, genuine blacks and profound hues and every last bit of it is there in the Sony A8F. Viewing Netflix through the implicit applications gave us admittance to Dolby Vision substance and it looked stunning. Thrill seeker Season 2 scene 3 flight of stairs battle successions were nitty gritty. The 4K HDR library on Netflix and Prime Videos in India is restricted, however what is there is an outright treat. The Grand Tour Season 1 scene 1 where you have numerous vehicles passing through the desert is a site to view on this TV. On the off chance that you will devour 4K HDR content from a generally excellent source, at that point this TV will be a magnificent encounter. Since the TV upholds Prime Videos and Netflix through the Android UI, we didn’t have to depend on our Xbox One X to look at 4K content on real time services.

1080p content

A enormous list of Netflix and Prime Videos content in India is in 1080p. From Spider-Man Homecoming to John Wick and significantly more we appreciated a ton of films on this TV. The Red Circle battle succession from John Wick looked heavenly which is a demonstration of the upscaling abilities of the TV. The Red Circle battle scene has a great deal of Red’s, Blue’s and obscurity tossed in with the general mish-mash and it looks fantastic.

Before we move to gaming there is one thing you should know. The HDMI 2 and 3 ports aren’t set to HDMI 2.0 full data transmission as a matter of course. I enthusiastically suggest going into the settings and empowering them to benefit as much as possible from the 4K HDR gadgets you will associate with the TV. This could be gadgets like the Apple TV 4K, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro or NVIDIA Shield.


We played our standard set-up of test games utilizing a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on the TV. These games run from Battlefield 1 to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In the event that you approach the 4K competent consoles, at that point you are in for a treat. We played a great deal of God of War on the Mi TV 4 and changing to the Sony A8F shows the distinction between a 40k TV and a Rs 3.4 lakh TV. Try not to think the Mi TV 4 is awful. Not in the least. It is only that with an OLED board, the visual components of the game will give you things you haven’t seen previously. The equivalent can be said for the red tempest arrangement in Gears 4.


Speaking of sound, the Sony A8F has a similar acoustic surface we saw on the A1 OLED. This makes the whole screen the speaker. Two actuators behind the TV vibrate the screen to make sound. The TV likewise has a subwoofer at the back for low frequencies. The sound from the TV is tantamount to it on the A1. The excellence of the framework is that on the off chance that a character is chatting on the left of the screen, at that point that is the place the sound will originate from. It gives very much a wholistic sound encounter particularly when you consider that these are the implicit speakers of a TV. This impact is very much articulated when viewing a film. Oh, there is no encompass understanding and for that you should put resources into a home performance center for that, however the TV has genuinely noteworthy sound system separation.

Remote control

If there is one office where the TV needs (really, there are two, however more on the second later) it is with the controller. It’s a similar controller that was available with Sony’s 2016 leaders. This is 2018. The distant is utilitarian and gives you admittance to every single imaginable info and alternate ways. You have devoted playback controls that work with all streaming applications. You have an alternate way for Netflix and no other real time feature. On the off chance that you perceive how LG and Samsung have their movement empowered controllers, moderate, polished and advantageous to utilize, at that point Sony’s distant feels obsolete. Its utilitarian without a doubt, yet it doesn’t look like something from 2018.


The UI is another division where the TV needs an update. In fact, this isn’t Sony’s issue, however Google’s since Sony is running on stock Android TV UI. Boot up the home screen and you will see probably the most futile YouTube proposals right on top. There are two separate lines for applications and the settings are directly at the base. On the off chance that you investigate LG’s Web OS on TVs you will acknowledge what a slick TV UI needs to look like.

Another killjoy to the UI is that it is moderate, which on a Rs 3 lakh TV is unsuitable. There were minutes when I squeezed the activity menu button and needed to sit tight for more than 10 seconds for the menu to show up on the screen.

It’s acceptable that the TV takes a shot at Android giving you admittance to a huge library of applications, inherent Chromecast and the capacity to sideload applications if needed.

The controller of the TV has voice acknowledgment which fills in just as the Google Assistant on the cell phones and is one of the most helpful highlights on the TV.

Bottom Line


p dir=”ltr”>The Sony A8F is some choice old wine in an extravagant new container i.e., the A1 in another structure factor. It is not necessarily the case that it’s a terrible TV. It’s simply that in the event that you are hoping to get an OLED from Sony, there’s no motivation to think about this over the A1, in the event that you effectively own the A1. For newcomers, the 55- inch Sony A8F is accessible for Rs 2,49,990 and the 65- inch variation is a