Netflix’s Hubie Halloween Review: Adam Sandler's Latest Gets Some Laughs, But It’s A Bummer As An Uncut Gems Follow-Up

Cute references to Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and others aren’t sufficient to thoroughly pardon Adam Sandler’s exhausted material.

On top of everything else, there is a sort of unusual duality at work in the Netflix satire, as while the film makes a terrible showing displaying the star’s depleted contrivance, it likewise has an amusing method of causing you to recollect and value the brilliant years with continuous references. The absolute first scene of the film includes the arrival of Ben Stiller’s excessively forceful nursing home orderly from Happy Gilmore, and it establishes a specific pace that is conveyed all through the film. Julie Bowen, who played the female lead in the golf satire, has rejoined with Sandler just because since the 1990s playing the sentimental intrigue, and she even by and by has twofold V initials. Different references are made to Billy Madison, The Waterboy, Hotel Transylvania, and the sky is the limit from there, and as is consistently the situation with Easter eggs, they feel like fun awards for crowds focusing. It’s a preoccupation that works in a film that has a lot of redirections that don’t.