The War With Grandpa Review: A Little Humor And A Little Heart, But Not Enough Of Either

Robert De Niro is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, perhaps the best entertainer that the movie business has ever observed. He has the filmography and the rack loaded with grants to demonstrate that. But, in spite of the various credits to the man’s vocation over decades, he’s been to a great extent pigeonhole, at any rate by the crowd. We hope to see him in genuine dramatizations, thus when he appears in a film like Tim Hill’s The War with Grandpa, everything feels exceptionally weird. All things considered, we’ve seen De Niro do incredible parody previously, so The War with Grandpa doesn’t really need to feel like an extraordinary actor making an insincere effort in a film that is underneath him. That is to say, it is actually that; it simply didn’t should be.