Exclusive! Radhe's emotional moment- Salman Khan, Sohail and Sajid looked at the moon and felt that Wajid was watching over them - Times of India

Salman Khan shared the news via online media that he had continued the shooting of his up and coming film ‘Radhe’ by posting a brief look at himself from the sets. Yet, what you don’t know is the most enthusiastic snapshot of this shoot so far that occurred on October 6. ETimes gets it first and restrictive for you how the music writer Wajid Khan was recollected with most extreme love on the sets.

The story goes that Sajid of Sajid-Wajid jodi was available on the set as their tune was being picturised on Salman. Disha Patani was additionally an aspect of the tune and the film’s co-maker, Salman’s more youthful sibling Sohail, was near.

Sajid shares an awesome condition with Salman, Sajid-Wajid were dispatched in Sohail’s creation ‘Pyar KiyaTo Darna Kya’ in 1988. Sajid, Salman and Sohail (co-maker of Radhe) were talking ceaselessly towards the end phases of the shoot. The time was near 11.45 pm, when Sajid disclosed to Salman that it was Wajid’s birthday tomorrow (October 7).

A cake was before long masterminded. Salman and Sohail embraced Sajid. Every one of them three got enthusiastic. Said Sajid, “Salman, Sohail and I looked up at the moon and felt that Wajid is watching over us.”

Added Sajid, “Salman then kept a hand on my shoulder and said that Wajid is consistently there with us. He further let me know ‘

strain tangle le, mehnat kiye ja’.”

Sajid has not yet grappled with Wajid’s destruction (that occurred on May 31). Naturally so. “I feel he is right beside me when I am in my car. I feel he’s with me wherever I go. I can’t fathom what I will talk if and when I am called somewhere to speak a few words; we both went up together on every stage. On the sets, we ate together. We even took naps together,” Sajid finished up.