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Prestigious, autonomous school, Bridge House and grant winning EdTech organization, Digemy, have united to make ConnectEd – the principal Independent Examinations Board (IEB) educational plan online secondary school in Africa to use a unique versatile learning stage.

The school will dispatch at first for Grades 10 and 11, with different evaluations to follow one year from now and into 2022.

Bridge House and Digemy have an adjusted vision to change the customary showing model and, simultaneously, empower a top notch training to be open to an a lot more extensive audience.

“A key issue with the current education system is that all students are expected to work at the same pace,” says Kate Cowling, Head of College Academics at Bridge House. “This framework doesn’t take into account understudies with varying capacities to draw in and assimilate data at various rates, nor does it recognize that every understudy accompanies their own special foundation and earlier knowledge.

Teachers, in this manner, invest a ton of energy rehashing content until all the understudies have a strong comprehension of the work. A subsequent issue is that educators are at present incapable to make continuous information driven evaluations to recognize which ideas singular understudies may battle with as these experiences are not robotized and promptly available.”

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As Kobus Louw, CEO of Digemy, clarifies, “The versatile learning approach gave by Digemy and used by ConnectEd tends to both of these issues.

The ConnectEd stage is fueled by neuroscientific calculations that recognize every understudy’s information holes and adjust the reiteration of inquiries and substance as needs be, giving a custom-made and viable customized learning plan. The outcome: a reduction in time spent learning and an expansion in retention.”

World-class scholastic substance dependent on the IEB educational program made and created by experienced Bridge House School staff will be given to understudies through interactive media miniature module lessons.

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p style=”font-weight: 400;”>Personalised backing will be given through a bespoke facilitators’ program and timetabled week by week live gathering meets for all subjects, the two of which will give a shared learning network.

ConnectEd will likewise engage understudies to take responsibility for individual, non-scholarly advancement with admittance to experienced experts and motivating guides who will introduce masterclasses to extend understudies’ information on the world past school.

Students will have the chance to learn fundamental abilities and attempt curated beneficial courses in various subjects including individual money related administration, memory dominance and business, among others.

“Bridge House School maintains the fundamental beliefs of its originators in giving a spearheading, dynamic and ground breaking training for our understudies. “We are genuinely pleased to dispatch ConnectEd, which will hold fast to the inborn way of thinking and offering of our grounds school and which will empower us to news24nationificantly expand the scope of our effective image of education.

Ultimately, we want to cause a groundbreaking effect. With ConnectEd, understudies will be deliberately upheld on each progression of their scholastic excursion and will have each chance and asset to satisfy their individual potential and set themselves up for achievement in our quickly evolving world,” finishes up the Head of School, David Clark.

To apply for ConnectEd or become familiar with Bridge House and the Digemy stage, visit

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