Sukriti Kakar’s new track HumTum has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube.

 The previous seven months or so have been incredibly hard for everyone inferable from the pandemic and lockdown. Yet, the music business appeared to have gotten through with numerous autonomous tune discharges in the previous months. Furthermore, artist Sukriti Kakar feels that this is the best an ideal opportunity to deliver music in any structure. “I don’t think the consumption for music ever ends. And there is an audience for all genres. The thing with the music industry is that it changes so rapidly, and every five months, there is a new trend. I started my career when I was 16 or 17, and since then, a situation has been created where you can sing for movies and continue with your independent music at the same time. But nobody could imagine that such a pandemic would happen and movies would take a back-seat. So yes, in a way, people who consume music in a big way aren’t getting what they used to from movies, so that’s where we step in and give them three-minute long videos to enjoy,” says Sukriti.</p> <p> 

The artist, who as of late delivered a track named Hum Tum, in a joint effort with her sister Prakriti Kakar, says that she made some incredible memories chipping away at this melody. Sukriti says, “I was excited to release this song because in a time like this, we could really use a track like this, which is so positive.” However, she includes that the number game streaming stages is something that everybody needs to monitor. “It definitely bothers me, I won’t lie. We are all programmed to believe that what’s working with numbers is actually what’s working. And I think there is no real way of understanding what is really working. Earlier when we would go to a club and a particular song would be playing, we would understand that this particular song is a hit but that concept is not there now,” says Sukriti, including that you can’t generally purchase the numbers on every single streaming stage, so makes things very natural. “Obviously, if it is a great song, it always catches up even if it takes time to do so,” she exclaims.

Be that as it may, in contrast to the vast majority, the lockdown time frame has in certainty been exceptionally beneficial for Sukriti. She says that she at last got the ideal opportunity for things that she genuinely adores. She includes, “Lockdown has been a very peaceful time for me and it gave me time to focus on my hobbies and things that I love. Because of our very busy schedules, we would never get to spend as much time as home and with family, but as much as I was getting irritated with the lockdown, in the beginning, I did end up making a lot of new tracks during this time. I also got time for my guitar lessons and Hum Tum was also a lockdown baby. The good thing about the lockdown is that it has made everyone so self-sufficient. Earlier, I used to go to studios and stuff to record, but now, I have a set up at home. Now I know how to operate all the technology as well. But yes, I am stepping out now bit by bit by only for work though, and meeting close friends.”

Yet, Sukriti says that she is still very worried of going out routinely. “I don’t know how I feel about sitting at a restaurant anymore. I am quite apprehensive about stepping out since I stay with my parents. So because of them, I have been really careful,” she finishes up.