Over the course of the nine days the different avatars of Goddess Durga are honoured.

 Navaratri, additionally called Sharada Navarati or Navrata, is a significant Hindu celebration that is praised by Hindus around the globe and in India over a range of nine evenings post storm fall. It is basically a festival of good over malevolence. Navratri has an alternate news24nationificance all over India and is commended in the Hindu schedule month of Ashvin, generally around September and October. 

This year Navratri begins from October 17 with Shailputri and closures on October 26 with Vijay Dashami and Durga Visarjan (the drenching of the symbol). The Ghatasthapana Muhurta falls on Pratipada Tithi and will begin at 6:23 AM till 10:12 AM on October 17.

Navratri means Nav meaning nine and ratri meaning evenings and praises the heavenly Goddess Durga who vanquished the devil lord Mahishasura in a fight.


Legend has it that the evil spirit ruler Mahishasura was conceded interminability by Lord Brahma, with the condition being that he must be crushed by a lady.

Mahishasura assaulted all the three circles, Trilok, which incorporates Earth, Heaven and Hell, and no one could overcome him. At that point Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva joined their forces to make Goddess Durga.

What followed was a 15- day log fight among Mahishasura and Goddes Durga, during which the evil presence lord continued changing his structure to befuddle the goddess. At the point when Mahishasura transformed into a bison, Goddess Durga killed him with her trishul. It was the day of Mahalaya when Mahishasura was killed.

Noteworthiness and festivity

Through the span of the nine days the various symbols of Goddess Durga are regarded They are Goddess Shailputri (Day 1), Goddess Brahmacharini (Day 2), Goddess Chandraghanta (Day 3), Goddess Kushmanda (Day 4), Goddess Skandamata (Day 5), Goddess Katyayani (Day 6), Goddess Kaalratri (Day 7), Goddess Mahagauri (Day 8) and Goddess Siddhidatri (Day 9).

During this celebration families and companions get together to commend it according to their custom. In Gujarat, dandiya is played during the celebration and generally individuals quick and invest their energy in supplication.

In the East of India the celebration is commended as Durga Puja while in the North, Ram Leela, a visual retelling of the Ramayana is held and the nine days end with Dussehra during which straw models of Ravana are singed to portray the triumph of good over fiendishness.

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