Ronaldo tests positive for COVID-19, in isolation

Cristiano Ronaldo got associated with a public line with Italy’s games serve on Friday as the pair by implication blamed each other for lying about whether the Portugal global had disrupted wellbeing norms subsequent to testing positive for the Covid.

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Vincenzo Spadafora said on Thursday the Juventus forward might have encroached the standards by flying back to Italy from public group obligation in Portugal after he tried positive for the infection not long ago.

However, in an Instagram video on Friday, Ronaldo hit back and said he had gotten everything done right.

“A gentlemen here in Italy, whose name I won’t mention, said I didn’t obey the protocol — that’s simply a lie,” said Ronaldo from his Turin estate, where he is in isolate and asymptomatic.

“I followed all the protocols and I will continue to follow them, my conscience is clear…. Everything I did was authorised.”

The 35- year-old Ronaldo tried positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday while he was with the Portugal crew and flew in a personal luxury plane the next day.

“They said I broke Italian law and this and that… it’s all lies, I did everything properly,” he included. “We did everything the correct way – leaving the [Portugal] group, noticeable all around rescue vehicle, showing up in Turin… I didn’t have contact with anybody.”

Spadafora later answered in a meeting with the Italian news organization Ansa.

“The fame and skill of certain players does not entitle them to be arrogant, disrespectful to the institutions and to lie,” he said.

“Unexpectedly, the more notable you are, the more you should feel the obligation of speculation before talking and setting a genuine model.

“I’m not going to continue with this matter forever,” he included. “I’m not talking about it again and I repeat my wish that everyone who has tested positive recovers quickly.”