Stranded Nigerian traders in Ghana cry out for repatriation - Africa Feeds

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Many Nigerian merchants in Ghana have arranged a dissent requesting their bringing home over what they state is the uncaring treatment from the Ghanaian government.

They are crying foul over the refusal of the Ghanaian specialists to return their shops a very long time after they were secured for supposed infringement of Ghana’s venture laws.

In September, the speaker of the Nigerian Parliament drove an assignment to Ghana following an outcry over the conclusion of Nigerian claimed shops in Ghana’s retail market.

A Ghanaian designation was likewise in Abuja for an agreeable goal of the stalemate to guarantee that it doesn’t damage political relations between the neighboring nations.

Yet, the abandoned Nigerian brokers are charging the Ghana government of mocking ECOWAS conventions by declining to return their shops after the elevated level conciliatory commitment.

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Leader of the Nigeria Union of Traders Association (NUTAG), Chukwuemeka Nnaji told the nonconformists that the High Commission must go to their guide.

“Our shops have been closed for over 10 months now in the Circle area. We have done everything to be able to sustain our families. We can’t pay our children’s school fees and our rents are expiring,” one of the nonconformists said.

Acting High Commissioner, Esther Arewa who got their appeal vowed to address their interests.

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But PRO for Trade Ministry Prince Boakye has dismissed the requests of the Nigerian dealers.

Ghana: Nigerian dealers fight conclusion of their shops