Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 One-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker review

One Minute ReviewIf you’re stuck for supper motivation, the Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 One-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker gives a fun and helpful arrangement. It accompanies a large group of formula thoughts to give you motivation on what to cook for a mid-week expedient dinner or sluggish end of the week supper, and plans are available on both the implicit computerized show and going with Cook4Me application – basically pop fixings in and follow the bit by bit controls.

Because of its quick weight cooking usefulness, you can evoke noteworthy primary courses and eatery commendable starters in a fraction of the time it would take you to customarily cook – you’ll discover 50 on-board formula thoughts that can be cooked in under 15 minutes, truth be told.

(Picture credit: Future)Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 One-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker cost and accessibility

Depicted by Tefal as ‘the Daddy of electric pressure cookers’, the Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 One-Pot Digital Pressure is as of now at a bargain down from £269.99 ($351/AU $487) to £199.99 ($260/AU $360) over on the Tefal site. You can at present discover it estimated at £169 ($220/AU $304) on Amazon.

For a Tefal model with explicit moderate cook setting in any case, think about the Tefal All-in-One CY505E40 electric weight cooker, which costs £99.99 ($130/$180).


At 38cm high, the dark and chrome body of the Cook4Me+ is moderately reduced contrasted with other contending multi-cooker denews24nations and at 1450W it is likewise rather incredible. It accompanies a treated steel steaming bushel, which is exceptionally helpful for cooking products of the soil.

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On board it has a computerized menu with settings for customized plans that you can follow bit by bit progressively. There are likewise manual settings for exemplary cooking (for errands, for example, dissolving spread, stewing and searing) just as weight cooking, steaming, warming and keeping warm. The last element proves to be useful when you’re managing two dinner ‘sittings’ – giving the children a feast at 5pm, and afterward eating with your accomplice once they are (fingers crossed) in bed at 7.30pm, for instance.

Should you wish to prepare ahead of time, there is additionally a deferred start button – up to 15 hours in actuality for the individuals who are very sharp. It isn’t suggested that you utilize this for new nourishments, for example, meat, milk and eggs and so forth in any case, however it very well may be valuable when cooking pasta and rice or steaming vegetables.


The Cook4Me+’s brilliant LCD screen can be effectively explored utilizing the single dial, and you can look through the 100 worked in plans, for dishes, for example, Green Thai Chicken Curry and Sweet Chill Salmon. For additional plans you can download the Cook4Me application and quest for a formula with a specific fixing through the 200- in addition to thoughts. In the ‘In my fridge’ area, you can include the fixings that are in your cooler and the application will propose an appropriate formula – for no particular reason we composed in ‘red wine’ and it thought of nine formula thoughts including ‘Bolognaise Chef Style’ and ‘Pears in Red Wine’ – you can then consequently add the fixings to a helpful shopping list on the application, for reference when you’re in the store.

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To discover how helpful the Tefal Cook4Me+ is as far as usefulness, ergonomics and effectiveness, we utilized it to make a tasty Lamb Rogan Josh Curry with rice. We looked the application for this sheep formula, which highlights canned tomatoes, onions, rogan kid pasta and a diced leg of sheep diced.

The rice took a noteworthy nine minutes after we popped it into the bowl and adhered to the straightforward guidelines to cover with water (despite the fact that it didn’t state how a lot) and press start. The outcomes were light and soft rice. Employment done.

One thing to recollect is that the weight valve will deliver steam aimlessly spans, so you have to ensure there are no limitations, for example, a kitchen cupboard over the pot so there is a lot of space for the steam to get away.

We found that, true to form in a weight cooker, a lot of water runs off the top when you open it after the cooking cycle. On this denews24nation nonetheless, the dew runs flawlessly around the edge of the bowl so it doesn’t spill onto the worktop. Toward the finish of the cycle the Cook4Me+ advised us to purge the dew authority. The two cool-contact handles are additionally all around considered as they make it simple to eliminate the container from the cooker to serve.

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To make the Lamb Rogan Josh Curry the computerized show strolled us through the underlying carmelizing of the onions and meat – helpfully inside the container – and afterward we shut the cover and left the weight cooker do something amazing. In 35 minutes we could appreciate a curry dish with shockingly delicate meat.

Get it if…

You have an enormous family to cook for
Its 6-liter limit and natural denews24nation gives a simple method to make family suppers for up to six individuals in one go. Browse starters, for example, soup, humous and plunges, to principle dishes, for example, paella, curry and risotto and pastries.

You are quick to cook solid meals
Provided you don’t utilize it to make jam wipe puddings all week long, the Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 One-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker can be a sound choice as weight cooking is denews24nationed to normally hold more minerals and supplements contrasted with customary cooking.

Try not to get it if…

You appreciate moderate cooked food
While pressure cooking has its experts, sparing you time and exertion, in the event that you favor the flavor of moderate prepared food, you might need to choose a one-pot arrangement that offers the alternative to slow cook just as weight cook.

You are restricted on space
In a little kitchen where worktop space is tight, independent electric machines can occupy a great deal of space. A large number of the dishes in the Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 can be cooked on the hob and in the stove, so except if you are in urgent need of a convenient solution answer for your dinners or on the off chance that you have a profound cabinet wherein to house it when not being used, you presumably don’t have to put resources into this bit of pack, anyway cunning it might be.