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The author of Child Online Africa, a dish African non-benefit association battling for the security of youngsters on the web, Awo Aidam Amenyah has been respected for her helpful administrations.

At a Humanitarian honors occasion in Ghana’s capital Accra, a reference was perused honest for battling for the privileges of youngsters and pushing for a more secure climate for them to work on the web.

The reference from the Humanitarian Awards Ghana read that the honor to Amenyah was “in recognition and appreciation of your outstanding and selfless commitment in rendering humanitarian services.”

“In this regard, Humanitarian Awards Ghana will like to celebrate you for your good works.”

It reasoned that the Humanitarian Awards Ghana praises Amenyah “for your contributions to communities and humanitarian services.”

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Photograph: Facebook/Awo Aidam Amenyah

Amenyah’s Child Online Africa has been at the front pushing for a conclusion to the humiliation and shame little youngsters face because of period which keeps them from going to class and taking part in other social exercises.

Its Happy School Girl Project sort to address these issues in Ghana by stressing that organically, feminine cycle is a significant and typical aspect of the female human life, and humankind exists along these lines.

The association additionally required a conclusion to the tax assessment from cushions which implies young ladies during their periods can’t bear the cost of safe feminine cleanliness items.

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Kid Online Africa has additionally requested for changes across Africa to make the web more secure for youngsters.

In 2019 she chose to climb mountain Kilimanjaro to bring issues to light about online security at last made it.

Amenyah after coming to the top of the tallest mountain in Africa situated in Tanzania said she left on the task called “Kili4theAfricanChild” to “make a case for online safety for the African child”.

The point is likewise to make “awareness on the need to protect the vulnerable and give people especially children the confidence to use the internet without fear.”

Awo Aidam Amenyah at the pinnacle of the mountain. Photograph: Amenyah

The gathering keeps on driving the Safer Internet Day exercises which is a significant yearly mission on the landmass to bring issues to light about creation the web alright for clients.

Awo Aidam Amenyah has been perceived and regarded by the Ghanaian government for her association’s part in this mission also.

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