Lypertek Tevi Review

The sound market is at present being overflowed with a large group of mid-range genuine remote headphone alternatives directly from organizations in their outset to sets up names in the business. The value fragment under 10K makes them intrigue contributions in the genuine remote classification with some giving a lot of value for your money with a large group of highlights made accessible. In any case, when we consider genuine remote sound under 10K, heavenly stable quality is something we don’t generally anticipate. Indeed, even Sony, the organization has created a standout amongst other genuine remote headphones, the Sony WF-1000XM3, doesn’t generally sparkle at this specific value range with its unremarkable sounding Sony WF-XB700 at the sub 10K value point. Notwithstanding, in the ocean of sound mediocrities that live in this value range, the Lypertek Tevi is being proclaimed as a contribution that offers heavenly, audiophile-grade sound quality and a good arrangement of highlights too. The brand itself isn’t extremely eminent, in India in any event, yet the Lypertek Tevi is making a considerable amount of mix in the audiophile hovers since it is evaluated seriously and evidently sounds extraordinary also. How about we check whether these pair of mid-range genuine remote headphones satisfy everyone’s expectations.

Construct and solace

After opening up the Lypertek Tevi’s container, the absolute first that meets your eye is the lovely, texture secured charging case which is suggestive of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2’s charging case. The dull dark case is basic yet rich with the unpretentious Lypertek logo smacked right on top of the top in dark. There’s additionally a little string hanging dismissed from everything related this issue that permits you to make sure about it around your finger or even a keychain, in the event that you so want. The case feels incredible in the hand and its unmistakable texture surface permits you to discover it effectively inside a sack.

The case highlights four marker lights at the front that show the battery level of the case and a USB Type-C port at the back. The magnets on the top and inside the case (that hold the earbuds set up) are adequately solid. The case is certainly on the bigger side and the massiveness is pretty perceptible in pockets, particularly in close fitted pants. The massiveness of the case makes it swell out of pockets unmistakably, so we’d encourage you to store these in a knapsack or tote. The charging case, be that as it may, has an excellent purpose behind being unnecessarily massive. More on that later.

Proceeding onward to the earbuds, they include an unexceptional and moderate look with a sparkly silver ring on the back lodgings of the buds, including a touch of pizazz. Inside the ring, you can see the Lypertek logo on the two buds and this territory houses the physical controls for music playback and calls. We weren’t baffled by the absence of touch controls since the physical controls on these headphones are anything but difficult to-press and precise. Precision is quite often somewhat of a hit or miss on contact controls, so we wouldn’t fret professional physical controls on evident remote headphones, similar to the ones on these headphones and the Jabra Elite Active 75t.

The physical controls permit you to play/stop music, skip tracks, go to the past track, increment/decline volume and wake your gadget’s voice partner. The controls are pretty exact and simple to recollect, in any case, the controls for looking for tracks (next and past track) can be marginally tedious since they include triple-taps.

Inside the crate, Lypertek has included four sets of ear tips – three sets of regular silicone tips and one sets of froth tips. We normally inclined toward the froth ones and they fit us perfectly. Detached disconnection was phenomenal because of the cozy and secure fit. In any case, on the off chance that the froth ones don’t fit you excessively well, at that point you’d be in an ideal situation attempting different tips. The crate additionally contains a pretty standard USB-C link.

The froth ear tips allowed an impeccable fit in the ears that was remarkably agreeable considerably over broadened times of tuning in. There was next to no correcting of the earbuds in any event, during decently concentrated activities, for example, doing tasks around the house or running. The headphones additionally come outfitted with an IPX7 rating for water obstruction which implies you can utilize them in the exercise center effortlessly… regardless of whether you do start to perspire. See what we did there?


Fueled by Bluetooth 5.0, the Lypertek Tevi gloats of pretty strong remote network and a recurrence reaction of 20 – 20,000Hz. There were no slacks or skips in the sound during our week-long testing period and the association stayed stable regardless of whether the source gadget was in the following room. Great! Moreover, you get SBC and AAC codec uphold as well as Qualcomm aptX uphold, which is moderately uncommon at this value point. We saw a news24nationificant increment in detail when tuning in to music on web-based features on aptX over AAC. There’s additionally mono listening support, where you can tune in to a solitary earbud free of the other.

Obviously, you don’t see highlights, for example, ANC, Transparency Mode, wear discovery and remote charging on these mid-range headphones. Notwithstanding, with expanding rivalry in this space, brands, for example, Oppo and Realme have started offering these apparently excellent highlights on their sub 5K contributions. We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see in any event wear recognition on these headphones, if not the others. Also, there’s no application uphold too. You do get fundamental highlights, for example, voice colleague uphold, Type-C charging, and an IP rating.

Be that as it may, the Lypertek Tevi compensates for the absence of highlights in a single spot – battery life. These headphones sport a shocking battery life of 70 hours (charging case + headphones)! You get 10 long periods of recess on the buds alone on a solitary charge, while the case is fit for charging the gadget multiple times over. This is by a long shot the most noteworthy consolidated battery life we’ve run over in the genuine remote portion. In our tests, we figured out how to press out 8.5 hours from the buds alone at 50- 60 percent volume and aptX codec dynamic. The case was in reality ready to charge the buds multiple times over, and still had a touch of battery to save before it totally vanished.


We’ve never truly related the mid-range genuine remote section with heavenly stable quality, as of not long ago. Lodging 6mm graphene drivers, the Lypertek Tevi was a genuine stun to us, an invite one at that. We were surprised by the receptiveness and effortlessness of the sound, something that is simply not present in the variety of different headphones we’ve tried at this value range. The sound is near unbiased and is even, permitting clients to tune in to most classes of music how the maker proposed them to be heard. Indeed, even resolute audiophiles will probably be dazzled with the refined methodology the Lypertek Tevi takes.

No recurrence range is misrepresented generally, hence, bass darlings may need to get some distance from these pair of headphones. There’s unquestionably punch to the bass and heaps of detail, nonetheless, the thriving bass reaction that numerous other mid-range genuine remote headphones offer is clearly missing. While we were captivated by the precise portrayal of the frequencies, it may not be some tea. Contemporary tracks, for example, TKN by Rosalia have adequate drive and punch, while as yet keeping the clearness and trustworthiness of the vocals. The rot of drums in tracks, for example, Popular Monster by Falling in Reverse is exact and normal also.

Tuning in to more sensitive tracks, for example, Youth by Daughter, there opening guitar harmony is particular and open. There’s an obvious profundity to the soundstage with the vocals put in the front while the plenty of instruments easily possess their precise spots in the stage. The fragile vocals never lose their wonderful surface and resonance, in calm minutes just as a periodic taking off minutes. The headphones are equipped for bringing out even weak components of tracks that frequently overwhelmed by different components when heard on other mid-range headphones.

Tuning in to high-goal records opens up the soundstage considerably further, if it’s conceivable. Instrument partition is incredible also with instruments, even in packed tracks, for example, Edge of Forever by Crimson Glory, being effectively perceivable. At higher volume levels, you may hear a touch of undesirable murmur, yet there’s very little else we could criticize with regards to the Lypertek Tevi’s sound quality.

Going to the amplifier, the presentation was very useful generally. The amplifier transfers the speaker’s voice with lucidity, nonetheless, foundation commotions aren’t kept out completely during calls, which is normal on evident remote headphones, particularly financial plan and mid-range ones.


The Lypertek Tevi are one of the most melodic pair of genuine remote headphones we’ve had the joy of tuning in to, particularly at the sub 10K value range. The sound is open, normal and even, with tons of detail and character. Not simply the heavenly stable, you likewise get a monstrous battery life of 70 hours, aptX uphold, strong physical controls, and a straightforward yet tasteful denews24nation. These may in all likelihood be the best an incentive for cash buy in the genuine remote portion attributable to the sheer nature of the sound and is right now our top pick for genuine remote headphones under 10K.