The Best Wine Glasses for Any Scenario, According to Top Sommeliers

No matter what wine you’re drinking, if it’s served in an extraordinary wine glass, it will as a rule taste better. Possibly that is not the most confirmed science, but rather so many wine consumers know it in their gut to be true.

But not all wine glasses are made equivalent. Not exclusively improve in various glasses, few out of every odd individual needs a similar sort of wine glass, contingent upon the drinking propensities, favored wine, and — let’s face it — bureau space.

So we addressed a portion of the nation’s top wine bars and wine-centered eateries about the glasses they utilize frequently (spoiler alert: It’s not just about getting the most costly one). Here’s a down to earth manual for finding the glass out there for you, regardless of whether you’re parsimonious, awkward, or simply running out of kitchen space.

The best glass for… kitchens with negligible extra room: Bormioli Rocco Inalto Uno

If you can just get one set, get wine glasses you can use for pretty much any sort of wine. These Bormioli Rocco glasses “are the best combination of visual appeal, durability, and flexibility in terms of accentuating as many types of wines as possible,” says Kyle Davidson, once drink chief and senior supervisor of Elske in Chicago. Simply remember to purchase a decent cleaning fabric, he includes.

Purchase Bormioli Rocco Inalto Uno medium glasses, $66 for set of six

 The Inalto Uno assortment from Bormioli Rocco 

Bormioli Rocco 

The best glass for… looking great without using up every last cent: Schott Zwiesel Pure White Wine

For a rich alternative that is as yet moderate, Diane Gross of Cork Wine Bar in D.C. goes for the Schott Zwiesel Pure White Wine glasses. Of course, you could go much pricier and get proficient, fragrance improving glasses, she says, yet straightforward, all around made stems like these ones are the most excellent for regular use.

Purchase Schott Zwiesel Pure White Wine glasses, $84 for set of six

 Schott Zwiesel glasses from the Pure assortment 

William Sonoma 

The best glass for… brew (that additionally functions admirably for drinking wine): Rastal Teku

It may not be your first nature to go after a brew glass for drinking wine, however when Jhonel Faelnar, sommelier and wine chief at Atomix and Atoboy in New York, is at home, he tastes wine out of stemmed Teku lager glasses by German crystal organization Rastal. “The shape of the bowl amplifies the aromatics just as well as any,” he says. “They’re also sturdy, compact, and easy to wash.”

Purchase Rastal Teku glasses, $57 for set of six

 Rastal Teku glasses 


The best glass for… ungainly companions: Schott Zwiesel Tritan


p id=”EYTGdZ”>For Mary Kurth, the proprietor of Spoke Wine Bar in Boston, the most significant trait for a wine glass is toughness. The Schott Zwiesel Tritan stemware assortment, she says, “has perfectly thin crystal on the lip, is lightweight, and doesn’t chip or scratch.” Upgrade to a Tritan Forte to “allow for swirling without the fear of splashing on your neighbor,” she includes.

Purchase Schott Zwiesel Tritan glasses, $66 for set of six

 Glasses from the Schott Zwiesel Tritan assortment 

Schott Zwiesel 

The best glass for… getting most extreme aromatics out of your wine: Riedel Vinum

Riedel’s Vinum line has a glass for each grape varietal, from syrah to chardonnay. Yoon Ha, wine head of Benu in San Francisco, supports the entire assortment, because of the stems’ optimal weight, balance, and generally significant, the adjusted state of the bowl, which she says “yields a broader spectrum of fruit aromas and suppresses the undesirable notes.”

Purchase Riedel Vinum Viognier/Chardonnay wine glasses, $59 for set of two

 Glasses from Riedel's Vinum assortment 


The best glass for… Champagne-commendable events: Zalto Denk’Art Universal

Turns out you needn’t bother with woodwinds. “If you want to ball out,” says Etinosa Emokpae, sommelier at Friday Saturday Sunday in Philadelphia, Zalto stemware is a beneficial lavish expenditure. “These glasses really bring out the best in wine,” she says. “I particularly love them for Champagne. You can really pick up all those complex aromas from Champagne without losing the bubbles!” There’s an explanation these glasses spring up in fine cafés from coast to coast.

Purchase Zalto Denk’Art Universal glass, $59 per piece

 Zalto Denk'Art glasses at Charlie Bird in NYC 

Photograph by Noah Fecks, graciousness of Charlie Bird 

The best glass for… kicking a gathering off: Chambong

Jen Pelka of Une Femme Wines calls her Chambong — denews24nationed for quickly shooting bubbly — “the ultimate party trick,” including that “anyone who is hosting a good party should have some on hand.” There are currently a wide range of Chambong knockoffs available, however Pelka says she’s been faithful to the first both at home and at the Riddler, her presently shut Champagne bar in San Francisco. “The Chambong team is constantly innovating on their product line, and they now even offer a 50-pack of their plastic Chambongs for parties,” she says.

Purchase Chambong, $35 for two


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