The J Balvin x McDonald’s Merch Line Is Actually Delightful?!

J Balvin and McDonald’s delivered a line of merchandise, including rings, bedsheets, and a mat

After the wild accomplishment of the Travis Scott feast, McDonald’s attempted to pursue that achievement (and occupy from its numerous segregation claims) with the J Balvin supper. It hasn’t been very as fruitful, generally on the grounds that clients struggle discovering McDonald’s areas with a working McFlurry machine. Be that as it may, similar to the Scott supper before it, the J Balvin feast is accompanying some wild merchandise. There’s no chicken strip pad, yet there’s basically a lot of McDonald’s knuckle reinforcements that would get you hailed by TSA.

“Not only did I want to bring my personality to the McDonald’s menu, I also wanted to share my energy and creativity in a way that elevates our partnership through an exclusive merch collection that we created with my team,” Balvin told Complex. The merchandise assortment additionally incorporates a hot pink blanket with a french fry denews24nation, McFlurry pail caps, a sweatshirt in what appears to be exceptionally near Nike pink, and brief tattoos that resemble a receipt of your J Balvin supper request. In the event that this is J Balvin’s character, at that point it seem resembles he got trapped in a funhouse denews24nationed by Bazooka Joe. In a decent way.

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