Audio Technica ATH-S200BT Review

One of the leaders in the expert sound section, Audio Technica, is likewise gradually beginning to set up themselves as an advantageous competitor in the shopper sound space also. Their most recent shopper earphones offering, the Audio Technica ATH-S200BT earphones are valued minimalistically at Rs 4,490. This might be the first occasion when that a couple of Bluetooth earphones housed at this value range has the ability of going on for roughly 40 hours, which is astoundingly acceptable. In any case, how about we dive further into investigating these jars as we put them under serious scrutiny.


The Audio Technica ATH-S200BT earphones give customers enough motivation to put their cash in them for the battery alone, in any case, the sound quality is very acceptable on these moderate Bluetooth earphones. The earphones spread the essentials really well and sound very strong all through a wide assortment of classifications. They are apparently capable, the bass isn’t overwhelming or disappointing, the high pitch isn’t excessively sharp or quieted and the mids aren’t too kept down either. Nonetheless, the earphones are powerfully level, as in they can battle to rejuvenate music except if the volume is turned up significantly. In any case, this simply will in general feature the alright ish refinement of the upper mids and other than that, just makes things stronger, not progressively lively.

In Pull Me Under by Dream Theater, the earphones can’t fittingly isolate the vocals and the instruments. The vocals appeared to be drowned behind instruments in rock and metal music. Heaven City by Guns ‘n Roses appears to be lazy generally speaking except if the volume is set at above 80 percent, which we don’t suggest (on the off chance that you esteem your hearing).

Then again, vocals are richly clear on these earphones when not veiled by a variety of instruments, and there is practically no perceptible contortion, even in concentrated tracks like Centuries by Fall Out Boy. While most Bluetooth earphones appear to be on the peaceful side, which is frequently a hotspot for objections, these jars can get really boisterous. The earphones likewise appear to be more fit towards hotter tracks.

Media playback on Netflix and YouTube was a serious charming encounter also and the earphones appropriately imitated the exchange and foundation sounds which made for an extraordinary encounter by and large. There was definitely no slack between the media content and the playback on the earphones, which is great.  Call quality is fairly sensitive on these earphones. The voice coming through is by all accounts empty and distant, in any case, the individual on the opposite end could hear what we were stating unmistakably.

Denews24nation and Comfort

From the start, you will see that the ATH-S200BT earphones resemble a run of the mill pair of Audio Technica earphones regardless of the value point. They sport smooth dark and dim accents that Audio Technica is known for, which thusly, upgrades the vibe of the earphones, making them all the more outwardly engaging. Notwithstanding, upon additional review, you will understand that the earphones are to a great extent made out of plastic and furthermore feels pretty wobbly close by. Notwithstanding that, the manufacture is nice since they don’t squeak as you put them on and the catches don’t shake. The Audio Technica logo sits flush in the middle on the rear of the cups and looks like mathematical fine art.

While feel probably won’t be an issue here, particularly at this moderate value point, the solace, for us, was surely a disadvantage. The Audio Technica ATH-S200BT earphones are on-ear earphones, so they don’t encompass your ear totally. The cushions on the earcups utilize essential reflex froth rather than adaptive padding, which makes them news24nationificantly less agreeable to wear. We found that following an hour of keeping these jars on, it got pretty awkward, particularly with studs. The earphones likewise don’t crease up, which is a disgrace. Be that as it may, the earcups can be curved to make them simpler to store.

The cinching power of the earphones iwas excessively close for our taste, they can get particularly awkward after a timeframe on the off chance that you wear exhibitions or studs, or even something else. Notwithstanding, the tight fit makes them exceptionally secure and limits sound spillage too.


While the earphones needs showy, premium highlights, for example, water obstruction, upheld application, USB-C charging and others, a couple installed highlights are available which are very valuable and proceed as promoted. The Audio Technica ATH-S200BT earphones have a magnificent battery life which keeps going upto 40 hours. Most earphones at this cost, or considerably higher, including the Infinix Quiet X, Ant Audio H82 Treble, and JBL E55BT, come no place near the gauge of battery life that the ATH-S200BT sport. At this serious evaluating, you can possess a couple of earphones that you charge to 100 percent once and afterward forget about it for quite a long time, which is awesome.

The playback controls all live on the lower part of the left earcup. There’s a physical on/off switch, be that as it may, the earphones do appear to change to reserve mode when they aren’t utilized for some time. We left them on for a whole night and were welcomed with pretty much a similar measure of battery remaining when we started testing them in the first part of the day. Moreover, the ATH-S200BT earphones likewise house a Bluetooth notice light, physical volume and respite/play catches. The respite/play button additionally bends over as a call button. The miniature USB charging opening likewise dwells here. While we’d lean toward a USB Type-C port, that might be altogether too a lot to ask at this value point.


The Audio Technica ATH-S200BT earphones are less expensive than most remote earphones we suggest for those pursuing highlights just as those competing for extraordinary sound. These reasonable jars sport an unfathomable battery life, extraordinary remote availability and great generally speaking sound, which is more than what we’d expect at this value point. While they may have a few issues, for example, non-collapsing denews24nation, clip being excessively close, and not exactly ideal sound elements, they do have a lot of saving graces. You’d really be unable to discover a couple of Bluetooth earphones that hack up the battery life and sound quality the ATH-S200BT convey. In case you’re on a tight spending plan, these pair of earphones may simply be the ideal pair for you.