Weston 55 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV Review

Weston 55 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV point by point survey

There are a decent number of 55- inch 4K HDR TVs accessible in the market today. For a financial plan of Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000, you can get various TV brands offering 4K and HDR abilities. We have brands like Xiaomi, Shinco, Kodak, TCL, iFFALCON, Cloudwalker and all the more battling for your consideration in this space. Every TV carries with it some distinctive component to offer you a value for your money. For instance, Shinco TV has a decent board for burning-through substance however the Xiaomi has better savvy TV capacities, et cetera. Today we have with us a TV from Weston. The 55- inch variation of the is valued at Rs 59,990. This places it in the mid-range where you can get TVs from brands like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and then some. The TV has highlights which we have seen on different TVs previously. Does it merit your consideration?

Key determinations initially

Board Size: 55- inches 

Board Type: VA

Board Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K

Board Refresh Rate: 60Hz

HDR 10 uphold: Yes

Dolby Vision Support: No

HDMI Ports: 3

USB Ports: 2

Bluetooth: No

Wi-Fi: Yes

Ethernet: Yes

Speakers: 2 x 8W

Central processor: Cortex A53 Quad Core 1.5GHz

GPU: Mali450 Penta Core 750MHz

Slam: 1GB

Inherent capacity: 8GB

Operating system: Android 7 (AOSP)

Value: Rs 59,990


The manufacture and denews24nation of the TV are very natural to what we have seen in 35k to 40k value range. Truth be told, some denews24nation components, similar to the metal feet are indistinguishable from the Shinco and Daiwa TV we tried in the ongoing past. The main contrast is that the feet have a gunmetal dark completion. A fascinating element about the TV is that it has two position choices for the feet at the base. One is the standard situation near the two finishes and the other is marginally nearer. Along these lines, if your theater setup or tabletop where you’d prefer to put the TV is more modest, you may simply have the option to fit it there in view of the thin feet position choice on the TV.

The TV has a gunmetal dark completion on the bezels encompassing the board giving it a superior look. It’s a pleasant change from the dark fringes we have seen on countless TVs. The back board of the TV, be that as it may, is all dark, nonexclusive and what we’ve found in this value range.

At the point when kept on a tabletop, there is sufficient spot to keep your gaming console beneath the TV open to, something that has been an issue in a ton of TVs we have explored as of late.

There is actually nothing to gripe about in the work of the TV. The gunmetal dark completion on the bezels and feet is a much needed development from the standard dark and the TV has a general practical denews24nation which is decent.

Ports and availability

With regards to availability, the Weston 55- inch 4K TV has three HDMI ports of which one is ARC empowered. As an afterthought, the TV has two USB ports, a SD card opening, 3.5mm port, the HDMI 3 port and an optical port. At the back, you have the reception apparatus port, 2 HDMI ports, 2 AV ports and the ethernet port. The force link isn’t client removable. On the privilege of the TV, you have the physical controls. The TV underpins Wi-Fi however unfortunately, no Bluetooth.

The network choices are standard with what we have found in TVs that cost much not exactly the Weston TV.

Display and Picture Quality

The Weston 55- inch 4K TV has a 10- bit VA board that is made by Samsung. On account of the 10- bit board, the TV brags of 4K capacities alongside HDR 10 uphold. We accept the board has a splendor of 350 nits (Weston couldn’t affirm the brilliance nits to us) yet in our testing, we found that the TV is sufficient splendid for content utilization. There was one issue with the TV however. There was an absence of consistency in backdrop illumination and in certain arrangements, this is obvious on the off chance that you realize where to look. We will speak more about this in the image execution separation beneath. Underneath we will feature the exhibition of the TV utilizing three sorts of substance – 4K and HDR, 1080p and gaming content.

4K and HDR playback

Beginning with 4K and HDR content, there is an exceptionally serious moderate movement battle succession in the Netflix show Altered Carbon Season One Episode 7. The succession begins with a lot of fighters wearing cover and continue to a sufficiently bright surrendered stockroom. The moderate movement activity before long turns into a relentless arrangement prompting a ton of gore. On the TV, the exhibition of the grouping is perfect and truly, very pleasant. In a portion of the dull areas, the board gets intelligent however not more than what we’ve seen with contending TVs.

The Netflix film Polar which is likewise in HDR has a battle succession towards the end where Mads Mikkelsen get away. The foe has a brilliant red suit and a large portion of the battle happens in a faintly lit passage with hardly any light sources and a great deal of relentless activity. This is the place you will see a tad of the lopsided backdrop illumination that we talked about. An ordinary watcher will most likely be unable to see it yet on the off chance that you have seen this film on a more costly 4K HDR TV, you will have the option to differentiate.

1080p content

Moving over to 1080p content, we played the initial succession of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It has a pleasant lavish green climate and the film streams in FHD on Netflix. For reasons unknown, the tones looked wrong on the presentation. The greens of the leaves looked dull and the general picture looked somewhat delicate.

We attempted to change the image mode, yet the absence of definite manual controls for fundamental things like Brightness, Contrast, Color, and so forth left us with not very many choices to fiddle with. We could just change the HDR, 4K and picture preset and after much fiddling, we understood that the Vivid setting turned out best for FHD and 4K HDR content. Different settings like standard caused the blacks to seem dim in dim sequences. 

In Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, another HD film on Netflix, the cruiser pursue arrangement had a fascinating interpretation of the preset tones. The skin tones of the entertainers glanced more exact in the Dynamic preset however the pursuit succession glanced more lively in Vivid. The Standard mode, for this situation, is the one to go for as it attempts to keep up the common skin tone along without making the desert and roadway look marginally clear. It basically guarantees tones don’t pop excessively.


With regards to gaming, we played Doom in 4K SDR and Gears of War 4 for 4K HDR assessment. In Doom, for inside arrangements, the visuals of the game look definite and the dim and silver insides blended in with the wicked presence is vivid. The outside look a little oversaturated in any event, when moving to the Standard preset and it was in the delicate preset that the badlands of Doom looked playable. Nonetheless, move to the inside, and you should change to the standard preset to appreciate the game.

Apparatuses of War, then again, is best played in the Vivid preset. The game gives you the alternative to perceive what it looks like in HDR and SDR in split screen and there are a few groupings where the SDR execution makes the picture look more brilliant and some place the HDR carries with it more subtleties. Since the game has a few successions set in obscurity, it is one where you will see the lopsided LED backdrop illumination too


This is the place things get a touch of intriguing. The Flipkart posting page for the TV says that the TV has 20W sound yield yet the official site says that the TV has 2 x 12W speakers (24W Output). So which one is right? Indeed, we connected with Weston and they disclosed to us that “The TV has speakers 2 x 12W and audio output is 2 x 8W. It’s a marketing gimmick.” So we realize that the TV has a generally speaking of 16W yield like what we saw on the Mi TV 4 (read our audit here). It is baffling why the organization wouldn’t go for the full 2 X 10W yield thinking about that is the business standard for these TVs and the TV isn’t thin similar to the Mi TV so space obviously isn’t an issue.

The speakers are down terminating, standard to what exactly we’ve seen on different TVs. They take care of business in the event that you will watch News or TV shows like Young Sheldon where the vocals are more articulated. Yet, change to shows like Altered Carbon or films like Mission Impossible, at that point you will feel the requirement for a soundbar in any event. With regards to motion pictures, not one preset functioned admirably. In Altered Carbon, the exchange sounded marginally suppressed and successions, where there was a serious tune, was totally passed up. Indeed, even the blasts and crashes of weapons and blasts in films needed bass.

On the off chance that you will utilize this TV to watch customary TV first and an intermittent film, you ought to be fine. However, for a vivid film seeing experience, you have to put resources into a dad