Kanta Prasad has documented a protest against Instagram influencer Gaurav Wasan.New Delhi: Kanta Prasad, the proprietor of famous diner “Baba Ka Dhaba” in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, has recorded a grumbling against Instagram influencer Gaurav Wasan for misappropriation of assets, police said on Sunday.Mr Prasad, 80, had shot to notoriety after a video of him mournfully relating the franticness of the months since the lockdown was shared generally across web-based media stages recently.Ironically, Mr Prasad’s despondency had become known when Gaurav Wasan caught the restaurant proprietor separating as he discussed his battles in a video shared on the YouTuber’s web-based media account.In his grievance to police, Mr Prasad said Gaurav Wasan shot his video and posted it internet, asking general society via web-based media to give cash to the diner onwer.He futher affirmed that Wasan “intentionally and deliberately shared only his and his family/friends bank details and mobile numbers with the donors and collected huge amount of donation through different mode of payments i.e bank account/wallets without providing any information to the complainant”.The proprietor of the food joint additionally blamed the YouTuber for not giving subtleties of the budgetary exchanges to him.”We received the complaint yesterday at the Malviya Nagar Police Station and the matter is being probed. No FIR has been registered yet in the case,” police official Atul Kumar Thakur said.After the video turned into a web sensation, Baba ka Dhaba was the cynosure of numerous eyes the nation over, including celebs from showbiz who presented advances asking individuals on go there and get themselves a meal.A day after the shocking video, #Babakadhaba was moving on Twitter and the food joint was overflowed with a bigger number of clients than it had seen in 30 long periods of being ready to go.