Exclusive! Deepika Padukone's manager, Karishma Prakash resigns from KWAN talent agency! - Times of India

Karishma Prakash, who is being called by NCB with respect to the progressing drug test, has renews24nationed from her situation from KWAN on October 21. Karishma Prakash was utilized by KWAN and she was the lesser administrator on the record of Deepika Padukone and scarcely any different entertainers.

This data has been affirmed by a source near KWAN’s top the board. A source near the office uncovered, “Karishma is no longer working with the agency. She had tendered her renews24nationation on October 21 with immediate effect. Her association with Deepika and few other actors was only as a KWAN employee. So naturally those associations would also be severed.”

This data comes in the wake of NCB attempting to discover whereabouts of Karishma Prakash. A bring has been given over to her mom starting today.