How to Change Alexa's Name and Wake Word to Something Else

<p class="heading_excerpt">We're taking a gander at how you can change the wake deal with any Amazon Alexa device.</p> 

Amazon Alexa can be a helpful voice partner—except if there is somebody named Alexa in your family, or Alexa experiences difficulty hearing you state her name. Luckily, there is an approach to change the associate's wake word so you can call it something different. 

How about we separate how to change Alexa's wake word to something different. 

Would you be able to Change Alexa's Name? 

Just to note, there is a contrast between the Amazon Alexa name and the wake word. 

The wake word is likely what you're hoping to change in any case—it's what you state to cause Alexa to hear you out. 

So while you can't rebrand Alexa, you can change what word you state to awaken the remote helper prior to giving a voice order. 

Step by step instructions to Change Alexa's Wake Word 

Lamentably, you can't change Alexa's wake word through voice order. In the event that you attempt, Alexa will divert you to the Alexa application. In that capacity, we'll have to dive into the application itself. 

You ought to have downloaded and utilized the Alexa application for iOS or Android during arrangement. In the event that you haven't gotten that far presently, make certain to look at how to set up and utilize your Amazon Echo Dot before you proceed. 

When the arrangement is done, snatch your telephone select the Alexa application. On the lower part of the screen, select Devices. Next choose Echo & Alexa. Select your Amazon Echo from the list. Finally, look down and select Wake Word. 

You'll see that you don't have a ton of decisions to pick from. You can choose the wake word to be Alexa, Amazon, Echo, or just Computer. While you can't name it something more human, ideally these choices are appropriate for what you need to accomplish. 


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Capitalizing on Alexa 

While you can't mark Alexa with another name, you can change what the remote helper reacts to. Tragically, there are just three different choices to browse, however it ought to be sufficient in case you're having issues with Alexa. 

Since you have Alexa's wake word set up, why not furnish the gadget with some free abilities? Abilities are an incredible method to get more out of Alexa. 

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