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Malaika Arora shares another wellness challenge as her Yoga ‘move of the week’, urges wellness aficionados to nail Parsvottanasana or the pyramid present 


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Malaika Arora shares the ideal Yoga mantra to dismiss Monday blues(Instagram/malaikaaroraofficial) 

As we enter the week following a happy end of the week, Malaika Arora ruled out exercise hesitations as she tested fans into attempting Parsvottanasana or the pyramid posture of Yoga. Sharing it as her wellness ‘move of the week’, Malaika urged wellbeing monstrosities to dismiss their Monday blues. 

Taking to her Instagram handle, Malaika shared an image of herself nailing the activity and we really want to let our jaws drop in amazement. Wearing an illustrious blue games bra collaborated with comparable shaded pair of Yoga pants, Malaika pulled back her smooth hair into an interlace so her excellent braids don’t interfere with her extreme exercise meeting.

She partook in the subtitle, “Namaste! Monday is back and so am I. Let’s shake off the Monday blues and give ourselves a great start with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek Today’s pose is PARVOTTANASANA(Pyramid Pose)” sic.


Twist down into a descending confronting canine posture or Adho Mukha Svanasana and breathe in while presenting your correct foot to within your correct hand. Keep up a separation of 3 to 4 feet and draw your left foot at 45 degree point with the correct foot toes pointing at the more limited edge of the tangle.

Adjust your impact points, lift your middle up and turn your face a similar way as your front foot. Breathe out and at the same time arrive at your arms despite your good faith.

Catch each elbow with the contrary hand or if your shoulders are more adaptable, join your hands behind your back into an opposite petition position. Keep up the length of your spine and keep the crown of your head stretched out forward while your tailbone coming to behind you.

Clutch the posture for 10 to 15 seconds prior to delivering the posture.


Parsvottanasana quiets the cerebrum and flushs out the sinuses with gentle reversal. Aside from prolonging the hamstrings, extending the spine and fortifying the legs and spine, this Yoga asana additionally helps in processing and improves act.

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