Sony A9F TV Review

Sony A9F TV nitty gritty survey

At CES 2018, Sony flaunted the A8F OLED TV which dispatched not long ago in India. The TV carried with it another denews24nation yet was basically the A1 repackaged for 2018. You can peruse our survey of the Sony A8F here. The feature of Sony’s CES 2018 presence was the new X1 Ultimate chip that would supplant scene-based delivering to protest based delivering making HDR content look considerably more alluring. Tragically, there were no buyer TVs shown flaunting the intensity of the X1 Ultimate chip. Quick forward a couple of months and Sony reported their Master Series of TVs – the A9F and the Z9D. The A9F is an OLED TV and is accessible in India though the Z9D is as LED TV and Sony didn’t dispatch it in India.

The A9F we have with us today for audit is a 55- inch variation. Is the X1 Ultimate the correct move for lead OLED TV’s from Sony?

Key particulars initially

Panel Size: 55- inch (accessible in 65- inch as well)

Board Type: OLED

Board Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K

Board Refresh Rate: 60Hz (for 4K content)

HDR 10 uphold: Yes

Dolby Vision Support: Yes

Weight (with stand): 30kgs (35.6kgs for the 65- inch)

HDMI Ports: 4

USB Ports: 3

Bluetooth: Yes, 4.2

Wi-Fi: Yes

Ethernet: Yes

Speakers: Acoustic Surface (Actuator + Subwoofer)

Underlying capacity: 16GB

Value: Rs 429,900 for 55- inch & Rs 579,900 for 65- inch

Assemble and denews24nation

Place the Sony A1 and the A9F next to each other and you won’t have the option to let one know from the other. Sony has brought back the image outline denews24nation of the A1. The TV inclines back by around 5-degrees and stands simply like an image casing should. The tilt is scarcely recognizable, and the TV is denews24nationed to be the highlight of your home theater setup. The TV can be divider mounted, yet the denews24nation of the stand and the arrangement of the ports is with the end goal that you will need to put it on a table.

The TV inclines back a little however it doesn’t hamper the review experience

When set on a table, the main thing you will see is the screen. There is a little white LED at the lower part of the showcase that is lit when the TV is on and on the off chance that you discover this diverting, you can turn it off from the settings. The bezels encompassing the showcase are very thin.

The just disadvantage is not normal for conventional stands, there is no space between the table and the lower part of the screen. This implies, that on the off chance that you place a soundbar before the TV, it will block your view. On the off chance that you are somebody who puts every one of your devices like a Blu-beam player, gaming console, and so on beneath the TV, you should reevaluate its placement.

Coming to the network choices, they are altogether perfectly spread out and holed up behind the spread on the remain of the TV. On the correct side of the kickstand you have one USB port though on the left you have one HDMI port. All that else is holed up behind the spread. At the back you have the force in, focus speaker (we will talk more about this in a piece), reception apparatus in, ethernet port, video in, IR blaster port, optical out, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and the earphones out. The ports are flawlessly spread out and the link the board guarantees every one of your wires are perfectly organised.

All availability is holed up behind the back panel

Overall, the assemble nature of the TV is top- score. The board is thin however the image outline like denews24nation implies that it will consume more space on a table. By and by, I’d like if Sony went with the denews24nation of the A8 rather than the A1 for the A9F yet the denews24nation they have picked is more to do with the new acoustic surface. We will address this in the sound portion of the review.

Show board and picture quality

The board on the A9F is equivalent to it was on the A8F with the enhancements coming gratitude to the new chip in the engine. It is with the image settings and the image execution that the A9F separates itself from the A8F. Presently, the A8F was controlled by the X1 Extreme chipset and the new A9F is fueled by the X1 Ultimate chip. The X1 Ultimate is supposed to be twice as amazing as the X1 Extreme and furthermore carries with it better picture handling alongside object based HDR delivering. This means every individual little item is perceived, and the shading, differentiation and sharpness is changed for every individual article. Along these lines, before, if there was a lot of grapes on screen, the bundle was considered as one item to deliver. Presently, with the X1 Ultimate, every individual grape is a different item that will be delivered. In principle this seems like incredible enhancement for HDR usage. Truly be that as it may, there are some minuscule admonitions which we will get to in the HDR section.


The magnificence of an OLED TV is its capacity to create boundless difference proportion, genuine blacks and profound tones and every last bit of it is there in the Sony A9F. The TV can locally deliver Dolby Vision content through the underlying Netflix application. In the event that you have a Blu-beam player and have Dolby vision upheld content on it, at that point you can genuinely benefit as much as possible from this TV. Nonetheless, there is one issue that I experienced. A few successions, particularly the ones in obscurity, similar to the Daredevil season 2 scene 3 flight of stairs battle arrangement looked marginally hazier than I’d like. I took a stab at flipping between the Dolby vision dim mode, Dolby vision brilliant mode and the distinctive mode to see which one worked best and they all had some imperfection or the other. This is the main grouping where I experienced this issue so its safe to state that it is restricted to certain substance that happens in pitch obscurity. I didn’t experience this anyplace else. Having said that any substance you may have in HDR 10, looks incredible with its differentiation, tones and subtleties. Watching content from Prime Videos, Netflix and more was an outright treat in 4K.

Netflix mode

The TV likewise gloats of a Netflix mode, however it didn’t kick in consequently for me when playing Netflix. I needed to physically go into the image settings and change it to the Netflix mode. I watched content from Daredevil, Star Trek Discover and some additionally exchanging between Dolby Vision and Netflix mode and truly, I was unable to discover some distinction. I am certain burning-through more substance like Lost in Space, Haunting on Hill House and more would bring about me discovering a few contrasts, yet the substance at any rate looks so great you wouldn’t bother.

1080p content

I played Blade Runner 2049, Spider-Man Homecoming and Wonder Woman from the Prime Videos application and every individual who I daze tried the video with on the A9F said the image looked 4K. Despite the fact that these titles play at a limit of 1080p on the Prime recordings application, it is exemplary how lovely 1080p content look on the board. Indeed, there are times when 1080p and 720p recordings from YouTube don’t look as incredible nonetheless, that is an exemption. In the event that you will watch SD content, content from your set top box or any 1080p content, at that point you will get an awesome experience.

Before we move to gaming there is one thing you should know. All the 4 HDMI ports in the TV uphold HDCP 2.3 full data transfer capacity which is phenomenal. I enthusiastically suggest going into the settings and empowering them to capitalize on the 4K HDR gadgets you will associate with the TV like your Apple TV 4K, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, etc.


We played our standard set-up of test games utilizing a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on the TV. These games range from Battlefield 1 to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and then some. Truly, it looked as great if worse than what we have seen on the A8F, and the LG C8 which we tried recently. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War alongside Spider-man for the PS4 look fabulous. Gaming on this TV resembles gazing into a window of the graphically substantial substance available to you and that is something worth experiencing.


Speaking of sound, the Sony A9F has developed the acoustic surface we saw with the A1 and the A8F. rather than 2 actuators, the TV currently accompanies 3 actuators and rather than 1 subwoofer at the back, the TV accompanies 2 to upgrade the sound insight from the TV. We truly delighted in the presentation of the sound from the A8F and the equivalent can be said about the A9F. How well the sound has improved is something we can possibly say when we have the two TVs next to each other. However, what we can say is that soundtracks of specific motion pictures and games sound very great on this TV considering the speakers on this TV are for a TV and not a home theater. Sharp edge Runner 2049 is a genuine case of this. The initial minutes of the film is loaded up with inconspicuous cyberpunkish music blended in with quiet and obviously Ryan Gosling’s float vehicle. Different motion pictures be it Wonder Woman Spider-Man Homecoming, shows on Netflix and even ordinary TV seeing sounds very great, particularly when you contrast it with other TV speakers in the lead range.


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