Mayawati said the BJP and BSP’s philosophies are too different.Lucknow: Days after she pledged to overcome up-and-comers of Samajwadi Party (SP) regardless of whether that implied deciding in favor of the BJP, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati today said she would “rather retire from politics” than go into a partnership with the BJP.”The alliance of the BJP with the BSP is not possible in any polls in future. The BSP cannot contest with a communal party,” she said today in a media preparation. “Our ideology is of ‘sarvajan sarva dharma hitay’ (benefit of everyone and all religions) and is opposite to the BJP’s ideology…The BSP cannot enter into an alliance with those having a communal, casteist, and capitalist ideology.”The BSP boss had said a week ago that to guarantee the thrashing of Samajwadi up-and-comers in future races, including those of the state administrative gathering and the Rajya Sabha, her gathering would even decide in favor of the BJP or some other gathering’s candidate.She repeated that the BSP would guarantee the destruction of the SP’s second applicant in future authoritative chamber polls.”Our party will support the candidate of any party, including the BJP, which is strong, to defeat the second candidate of the SP,” she said. “I stand by my earlier statement, which has been twisted by the SP and the Congress for political gains so that the Muslim community distances itself from the party.”The SP had a week ago assaulted Mayawati for purportedly favoring the BJP and handling a contender for the Rajya Sabha surveys without looking for help from resistance groups in the state.This followed Mayawati suspending seven of her MLAs for against party exercises after they contradicted the assignment of a gathering possibility for the Rajya Sabha surveys. It was in the midst of hypothesis of these suspended MLAs exchanging sides that Mayawati had said that to guarantee the SP up-and-comer’s annihilation in future MLC surveys, her gathering will even decide in favor of the BJP or some other gathering’s nominee.In ongoing occasions, media reports have frequently proposed the BSP’s conditioning of position against the BJP. Mayawati’s opponents have associated her with attempting to part the counter BJP votes in Uttar Pradesh as well as in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. UP Congress boss Ajay Lallu had even gone to the degree of allegedly saying that the “BSP is soon going to merge with the BJP”.The BSP had challenged the 2019 public races aligning with the SP, quite a while rival till the 2017 UP gathering decisions. In any case, inside long stretches of the BJP clearing the public surveys, Mayawati declared in June 2019 that her gathering’s partnership with the SP had been ended.