Philips TAPB603 3.1 Soundbar Review

The Rs 30k to 40k value point is by all accounts the sweet spot for a decent soundbar with regards to execution and highlights. One can expect great availability alternatives including 4K and HDR go through help, plentiful network choices and a remote subwoofer. Some soundbars like the Yamaha YAS-209 additionally offer Alexa uphold worked in. We have likewise observed the Sony HT-G700 (audit) carry with it a 3.1 channel denews24nation and backing for Dolby Atmos. Today, we have with us one more Dolby Atmos proficient soundbar, the Philips 3.1 PB603 soundbar. Is it a commendable competitor to the Sony, Yamaha and more bars in this value section? We should discover.

Philips 3.1 soundbar PB603: What’s in the crate

In the crate, you get the soundbar itself, alongside a remote subwoofer. You additionally gain the distant power in the case, a HDMI link, an AUX link and divider mounting sections. You get 2 arrangements of intensity links, which is decent. The controller runs on a 3V button cell which is a takeoff from the AAA batteries we’ve seen on most soundbar controllers. More on that when we talk about the controller. In general, it’s ideal to see a HDMI and AUX link in the container. Despite the fact that the soundbar has an optical port, it doesn’t accompany one in the crate, and that is alright. We incline toward the consideration of a HDMI link in the container as opposed to an optical link.

Philips 3.1 soundbar PB603: Connectivity alternatives

With regards to network alternatives, the Philips 3.1 soundbar is very stacked. At the rear of the soundbar, we have the optical port, which accompanies a truly pleasant spread, a USB port and a 3.5mm AUX port. We additionally have 3 HDMI ports – 1 ARC port and two 4K go through ports.  We have seen soundbars like the JBL SB450 (review) with 3 HDMI go through ports with 4K and HDR uphold (yet no help for Dolby Vision). Then again, we have a soundbar like the Sony HT-G700 that has one HDMI go through port however with help for 4K and HDR including Dolby Vision. Along these lines, while it’s ideal to see the Philips soundbar uphold 4K go through, the absence of HDR is missed. We additionally have the Yamaha YAS 209 carry with it a solitary 4K HDR go through port.

Setting up the Philips 3.1 soundbar PB603

Setting up the soundbar should be possible in under 5 minutes. The soundbar interfaces remotely to the subwoofer. Simply associate the two to a force gracefully, interface the HDMI link to the ARC port of your TV and to the HDMI out port on the soundbar and you are a great idea to go. Simply recollect, that a few TVs need you to physically change to ARC yield in the sound settings. The soundbar and subwoofer interface remotely and there is a light at the rear of the subwoofer to give you that it’s associated.

Philips 3.1 soundbar PB603 Build and denews24nation

A modern precise denews24nation is the principal thing that will ring a bell when you see the soundbar unexpectedly. It has a customary rectangular structure factor as we’ve seen on so numerous soundbars, yet the soundbar seems as though it’s inclining forward when you take a gander at it from the side. It additionally appears as though it is double layered giving it an exceptional look. The front and top of the soundbar are secured by a work grille and the side has a silver tone. This gives it an amazingly remarkable look. It’s far more rakish than the Sony HT-G700 which wore sharp edges and has a more forceful denews24nation when contrasted with the round edges of the Yamaha YAS 209.

If you like the denews24nation is a totally close to home decision. I think it looks cutting edge and particular in a home arrangement. With the way the forthcoming PS5 has a particular visual style, so does this Philips soundbar. I like the denews24nation language and those searching for a soundbar that stands apart from the group will as well. The front of the soundbar additionally has a presentation to show you the information, volume, sound setting and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What I don’t care for is the catch arrangement. The physical controls for source, volume and force are on the correct side of the soundbar. I would have favored the controls on top of the soundbar making them simpler to each. Nonetheless, I am glad that they are physical controls and not contact touchy ones.

All the ports are strategically placed at the rear of the soundbar confronting outwards. We have the force port alongside the optical, USB and Aux port on one side and a couple of centimeters away we have the three HDMI ports. As referenced above, we have one ARC port and the other 2 are go through ports. Generally, the soundbar fits well under a 55- inch TV and should function admirably with a 50 to a 65- inch TV. It has a forceful position which gives it a special denews24nation in soundbars.

As forceful as the denews24nation of the soundbar may be, one can call the subwoofer similarly unassuming. It has a smaller structure factor and is path slimmer than the one found on the Sony or Yamaha referenced previously. Dissimilar to the Sony which has a reflexive layout encompassing the conduit, the Philips 3.1 soundbar’s subwoofer channel is gleaming just with its remainder brandishing a matte completion. One could without much of a stretch misstep it for the denews24nation found on the Blaupunkt soundbar however this one is all around assembled. It just has one force port at the back and a LED marker to news24nationify the association with the soundbar.

I wish the subwoofer had the network LED light in the front in an unassuming way like the Sony HT-G700. Thusly, I wouldn’t need to get up and check the rear of the sub to know if it is associated. I know the light forthright can get irritating for most, yet it’s something I favor at the front of the subwoofer.

Philips 3.1 soundbar PB603 Performance

Before we get into execution, realize that regardless of whether you associate the soundbar to your TV through HDMI ARC, there are no on-screen controls (on the TV) and you need to depend on the showcase on the soundbar to get the data. Furthermore, despite the fact that the soundbar upholds Dolby Atmos, don’t anticipate that the sound should originate from above or behind you. Be that as it may, you can have some great channel division desires which we will talk about in the coming portions. The soundbar has a full reach driver + tweeter on the left and right with two full-range drivers for the middle channel.

How about we separate the presentation of the soundbar into motion pictures, music and gaming execution.


Sacred smokes! As unassuming the subwoofer looks, its exhibition is the exact inverse. Watch a film like Greyhound on Apple TV+ and this subwoofer will smack you with the correct sort of thunder when the boats hit the ocean or when the besieging assaults start. Same thing for motion pictures on Netflix like The Old Guard or even Extraction. These are films aced in Dolby Atmos and despite the fact that the encompass sound is missing from the soundbar, it has great channel division. Indeed, even the discoursed on these films are a ton more clear than what we’ve heard on the Yamaha YAS 209. The Philips 3.1 soundbar packs in 320W of sound yield and keeping in mind that that is 80 not exactly the 400W found on the Sony HT-G700, it can get pretty boisterous and room-filling for the normal measured parlor. To appreciate an activity stuffed spine chiller, one doesn’t have to try and come to the 80% volume of the soundbar. The soundbar has a volume range from 0 to 32 and for me, the sweet spot was among 13 and 19 in light of the substance.

Indeed, even exchanges for TV shows like Young Sheldon or Big Bang Theory or even narratives are perfect, clear and discernible.

The soundbar has just 3 presets – News, Movies and Music alongside an encompass on and encompass off. For every circumstance, the speaking to preset works pleasantly. In the event that you like watching narratives that don’t have a lot of sensational mood melodies, at that point you can likewise consider the News preset as this one decreased the bass impressively.

Indeed, even in a film like Mission Impossible which has Tom Cruise washing over the screen on a bike, the channel division from left to right was great. Indeed, even the discoursed spoken during activity groupings are amazingly clear.

Be it 5.1 substance from real time features or Dolby Atmos, the yield is punchy and clean in the Movie preset. For a few, the bass might be too ever-present and now and again overwhelming, however that is controllable on the soundbar. You can control the bass and high pitch settings on the soundbar.

Sitting 6 to 8 feet from the soundbar, one can get a vivid encounter. For me, the best channel division and encompass audio cue has originated from the Bose Soundbar 700 (survey). It gives you the dream of sound really originating from the left and the right. In any case, on the other hand, that soundbar is evaluated at an astounding 80K. The channel detachment on the Philips 3.1 is nearly at standard with what we encountered on the Sony and that is not an awful thing. Simply don’t anticipate being inundated in encompass sound. In any case, when the soundbar is at 60% or higher volume, you will get a decent encounter from the sound hitting you from beneath your TV.

By and large, for a film viewing the Philips 3.1 is an incredible encounter given you don’t anticipate hearing the plane hovering above you.


Music doesn’t have to have an ever-present bass or lows. It needs to strike you like an unmistakable advantage, possibly making its quality felt when required. Except if you appreciate tunes like Dance Monkey by Tones and I, or Wicked Games the Parra for Cuva accomplishment