MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro 4K Review

MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro 4K point by point audit

At whatever point somebody asks me whether they ought to put resources into gaming PCs or a work area, I advise them to put resources into a work area in the event that they play just at home. However, there are numerous who need to game moving, or don’t have any desire to embrace the problem of building and keeping up a gaming PC. For these individuals gaming PCs are the arrangement. They offer convenientce (somewhat) and are normally fitting and-play, which is harder for work areas. In any case, when I saw this goliath MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro unexpectedly, the idea of a PC being versatile was quickly out the window. There’s likewise the sticker price. At Rs. 3,34,990, costs nearly as much as another vehicle, so one must decide if it merits the premium.

Tech specs of our test machine:

Show: 17.3-inch, 4K, IPS Panel

Computer processor: Intel Core i7-7820HK

Slam: 32GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Capacity 1: 2 x 512GB SSD (Raid 0)

Capacity 2: 1TB HDD 7200RPM

Battery: 75 whr

Cost: 3,34,990

Looks and feel

Gaming PCs or PCs are required not exclusively to perform well, yet to have its extraordinary appearances. They ought to either look downplayed or ought to go all out with wild rakish accents, blades, huge warmth vents, LED stips, you get the float. The GT73 Titan Pro does the last mentioned. It has quite a few points, paint plans, denews24nation feel, and shouts gaming. You get red metal decorates on the cover, the monster logo is illuminated, the force button sits underneath a rakish cut-out on the console deck, the vents have red accents and the base has a red punctured grille. The MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan looks sensational, which will speak to the gamer.

MSI has nearly nailed the denews24nation here, yet I trust it might have been something more. Machines like the Asus G752VY look great outwardly, yet are unmistakable also, while the MSI GT73 agrees to the standard, worn out dark and-red denews24nation. That being stated, it is as inconvenient as the Asus machine, weighing over 4kg and its around 2-inches thick.

Construct quality and I/O

Like the denews24nation, the construct quality generally rules out grievances. The cover and the console deck are metallic, laid over a plastic sub-outline. The machine feels very solid and there is negligible flex in the body. There’s some flex in the presentation, however it’s anything but a truly major issue. Since this is a gaming PC, there are a lot of grilles and vents. The console is very much spread out and the console deck offers a lot of room to lay your palms on. The base of the PC is plastic and has more punctured grilles for wind stream.

The presentation pivot is one of the smoothest I have seen in for a little while and opens to about 140 degrees, leaving sufficient space for outsider cooling cushions. While the base of the PC is removable and a few things, similar to the RAM and capacity, can be client supplanted, guarantee will be voided in the event that you do as such.

On the I/O front, you get nearly all that you may request. You get three USB 3.0 Type-A ports on the left and two on the right. On the back, there’s a standard RJ54 ethernet port, small scale DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3 through USB Type-C (USB 3.1/Gen-2) and a HDMI 2.0 port, which will uphold a 4K yield @60Hz. You additionally get a SD card peruser on the right, yet a DVD drive is excluded. DVDs are in reality old today, yet the organization gives one on its a lot less expensive GE62 PC, so not giving one here appears to be somewhat odd. Likewise, I expected in any event two USB Type-C ports on the PC.

Console and touchpad

The MSI GT73VR has a similar console and touchpad design we saw on the a lot less expensive GE62 a couple of months back. It’s a Steelseries denews24nationed console, with RGB lighting and a  large yet somewhat solid touchpad keys.

The console has decent huge keycaps and offers more travel than the vast majority of its partners. Each key-press feels exact, however in the event that you are familiar with a mechanical console, you should adhere to that. Concerning the light settings, there are bounty to browse (RGB) and you can change them from the MSI Dragon focus application. While the console works for gaming somewhat, I would have favored a column of full scale keys too. It will take some becoming acclimated to, because of the irregular key format. For instance, the correct Shift key is abbreviated to make space for the top bolt key, there is no Windows key under your left thumb and the Delete key sits on the top column over the keypad, breaking the stream at whatever point you use it.

I additionally discover the capacity keys very lumbering. They are more modest in size and would have been exceptional if brilliance controls and media volume controls were coordinated. All things considered, I am almost certain no one would purchase this machine to utilize Word and Excel.

The touchpad is acceptable, as is normal from a top of the line PC. The cursor speed isn’t aligned to cover the 4K screen in a solitary swipe of course, yet that can be flipped with in the settings. Whenever that was done, I didn’t discover the experience ailing in any capacity. The trackpad itself is smooth, underpins motions, and is very precise. The left and right snap catches are firm to squeeze, which pushed me to interface a mouse right away. You will be a utilizing a mouse the majority of the occasions at any rate, as the touchpad isn’t generally implied for gaming. In the interim, RGB sweethearts will cherish the enlightened ring around the touchpad.


The MSI GT73VR has perhaps the best shows we have seen on a PC. While it is accessible in 120Hz FHD board, just the 4K (@60Hz) variation is accessible in India. It has amazing shading immersion and excellent survey points. There is no light drain and the showcase is very splendid with a recorded max luminance of 480 lux at the middle. What is significantly more amazing, is that the splendor stays uniform everywhere on the presentation. Notwithstanding incredible tones and uniform brilliance, the 17.3-inch matte presentation is additionally G-Sync empowered. This is upheld by the weighty hitting equipment the PC packs.


With an Intel Core i7-7820HK in charge and a 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 to deal with designs, the GT73VR Titan Pro verifiably houses the best gaming equipment accessible on a PC. Both the CPU and GPU can be overclocked utilizing BIOS and max engine thrust programming, separately. In spite of the fact that, you needn’t bother with additional handling power since the framework as of now has bounty in stock mode. Our test machine was arranged with 32GB of DDR4 RAM and double stockpiling arrangement, with two Samsung SSDs in Raid 4 and one 1TB Toshiba HDD @7200rpm.

With such ground-breaking equipment on the PC, it wasn’t an unexpected that it blitzed through every single benchmark we tossed at it. While the scores are impressively higher than a year ago’s G752 from Asus, execution is near the Asus ROG G20CB (1080 modification) gaming PC I assessed toward the end of last year. Contrasted with the Asus ROG G20CB work area, one can undoubtedly observe the distinction or deficiency in that department in execution of a last gen Intel work area processor and a current gen top of the line Intel versatile CPU.

Along these lines, regardless of whether you take a gander at the PCMark 8 Creative scores or Cinebench, the Intel Core i7 6700 (not K) processor utilized on the G20CB performs at standard with the most recent Intel Core i7 7820HK utilized in this MSI GT73VR note pad. In spite of the fact that this is a one type to a totally different type correlation, the truth is that a work area class processor, yet last age will give you comparable execution.

Same goes for the work area and PC variation of the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 GPU. In 3DMark engineered benchmark, the work area grade GTX 1080 performed possibly in a way that is better than its portable cousin, and that just demonstrates how NVIDIA has shut down the exhibition hole among work area and its versatile class GPUs, albeit a slight presentation distinction is still there.

Manufactured benchmarks aside, the GT73VR has exactly the intended effect on the gaming front and bites through each game we tossed at it in 1080p or even 2K. More up to date titles like Battlefield 1 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands run perfectly punching more than 70 fps effectively on 1080p. In any event, when I gave gaming a shot an outer presentation, the drop in execution wasn’t a lot. 4K delivering is as yet not especially extraordinary, however. You can play most games in 4K in high or ultra settings, and it truly helps if the game backings DX12. More established titles do battle to give you ideal casing rates.

Games like Tom Clancy’s Division, which is a hefty title, overseen just 40 fps at 4K ultra settings, keeping it playable. Notwithstanding, more established games like Metro Last light, known to push GPUs to the edge of total collapse, incidentally brought the casing rates down to single digits when testing on high realistic settings.

I even tried the machine with HTC’s Vive VR headset, which again works with no issues. I attempted the greater part twelve encounters and they all turned out great, with infrequent falters, in spite of the fact that it could be a direct result of different reasons as