Lenovo IdeaPad 530S Review

Lenovo IdeaPad 530S point by point audit

Exactly twelve years prior, when the James Bond film establishment hit a time of dejection, Eon Productions assumed responsibility for the issue by rebooting the whole arrangement with Casino Royale and infusing the film with a new stream of development and tastefulness. A reboot of this sort, I believe,  has occurred with Lenovo’s present age of IdeaPads.

Dispatched in 2015, the 500 arrangement of IdeaPads considers itself a scope of ‘Powerful Multimedia Laptops’. Also, with the latest expansion, the Lenovo IdeaPad 530S, I trust Lenovo denews24nation has developed by an enormous edge. The new IdeaPad is unquestionably a model to consider in case you’re on the lookout for a PC that looks and feels premium and is comfortable taking care of weighty photographs and light recordings on a refined altering suite.

Construct and Denews24nation

The Lenovo IdeaPad 530S has a perfect matte aluminum finish outwardly, inside, and around the long and thick pivot that traverses nearly the whole width of the showcase. At 16.4mm, the PC is about 3mm slimmer than its archetype, the IdeaPad 520S, and feels thin, smooth, and simple to hold. This piece of matte dark and-silver metallic completion is very much bended and conveniently chamfered around the edges. Despite the fact that perfectly chamfered, the edge running along the touchpad is equipped for slitting into the client’s wrists in certain points while composing. The PC is similarly weighted over its almost level body and doesn’t feel excessively hefty on any one side.

The PC sits level and stable on the lap and on a table. The cover opens effectively to uncover flimsy dark plastic bezels around the presentation. The top’s pivot is neither too close nor excessively free and remains genuinely consistent moving. The Lenovo marking is as unobtrusive as it can get, and that loans the PC an exceptionally exquisite look.

Show and IO

Globally, Lenovo offers the IdeaPad 530S in 14- inch and 15- inch variations, yet there’s no word yet on whether it will sell both or just the 14- inch model in India. The 14- incher can be purchased with either a WQHD goal (2560 x 1440 pixels) or a FHD goal (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a matte or polished completion. The two choices include an IPS LCD board.

The model I tried had the 14- inch show with FHD goal. The board is generally liberated from glare and reflection, however will in general pull in fingerprints, which can be seen from the sides. The most extreme survey point appears to be moderately wide at around 173 degrees level. Text can be perused without a lot of strain even with the showcase pushed right back and when seen from the sides. The greatest brilliance of the screen is adequate for public spots like air terminals and inn entryways, however it could do with somewhat more light behind the screen. I ended up pushing the splendor to max a lot of times. Tones are neither too distinctive nor unnecessarily level. They show up normally nonpartisan regarding temperature.

The IdeaPad 530S has a full-size USB 3.0 port on either side. It additionally has a HDMI port, a card peruser, single sound jack, and a USB Type-C port. A unique mark sensor is available beneath the console for quicker news24nation-ins. It’s speedy and perceives fingerprints on the first go by far most of the time. Remaining battery rate is appeared on the screen when the PC is killed and a key on the console is squeezed.

Console and Touchpad

Being proprietors of the ThinkPad brand since 2005, Lenovo has been known to get the solid ThinkPad console denews24nation, or if nothing else a piece of it, for different lines of PCs. Unusually, the console on the IdeaPad 530S looks somewhat like the ThinkPad console. Over the most recent one month or something like that, I must’ve composed around 6,000 words on the PC. The keys on it are level and shallow and offer next to no toss while composing. While there are no devoted keys for Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down capacities, the bolt keys can be squeezed in mix with the Function key to utilize them.

Contingent upon if you lean toward low-profile keys, the IdeaPad’s console will demonstrate to turn into a ‘love it or hate it’ perspective. With respect to me, I’m not especially attached to the console; I got myself mistyping more oftentimes than I ought to on the grounds that the keys were excessively shallow for me to feel the input. Having said that, it is anything but a terrible console using any and all means.

Lenovo has decided to furnish the IdeaPad with an exactness touchpad arrangement. This implies that you’ll have the option to exploit the multi-finger motions Windows 10 offers and change what they do straightforwardly in Windows’ Settings under the Touchpad area; you’ll need no additional equipment explicit drivers or utilities. The touchpad itself is huge and smooth. The surface matches the remainder of the body in shading and has no surfaces or knocks. The lower half of the touchpad is interactive for left-mouse and right-mouse click activities. The IdeaPad 530S offers a pleasurable touchpad experience generally.


Here’s the place the Lenovo IdeaPad 530S truly makes its mark. In addition to the fact that it scores well in benchmark tests, yet it additionally offers a lovely certifiable processing experience. The PC is probably offered with CPUs as refined as Intel Core i7, yet the one I got for audit had a quad-center eighth-age Intel Core i5-8250U (running at 1.60GHz). The IdeaPad 530S accomplished a decent score of 4351 on PCMark 8’s Accelerated Creative test and 3589 on PCMark 10.

Having utilized the IdeaPad 530S for well longer than a month at this point, I can unquestionably say that it offers a pleasurable processing experience significantly under pressure. At most extreme burden, I had over about six applications running simultaneously: Windows’ default email customer, OneNote, Word, iTunes (that played music out of sight), WhatsApp for Windows, Steam (that downloaded a game), WordWeb, and Chrome (with at any rate thirty open tabs over various windows). The IdeaPad didn’t show an ounce of weakness while taking a shot at any of them or while exchanging between them. Applications like Apple iTunes will in general be on the heavier side for reasons unknown, and the IdeaPad took care of them with unexpected serenity.

While doing this, the IdeaPad 530S remains cool and calm. The PC gets warm at the base yet doesn’t actually get hot, particularly to a point where you feel awkward. On account of cunning arrangement of the vents, scattered warmth is coordinated towards the inward side of the PC pivot, and not towards the base. The shut airspace around the pivot makes an ideal sound stage for fan clamor, however that being said the fan runs genuinely calm. The fan can be heard running at various velocities in a tranquil room, yet not something else.


How about we move the guaranteed and test outcome figures before we get to this present reality utilization figure: Lenovo claims the IdeaPad 530S brags a battery life as long as 8 hours. It endured 2 hours and 47 minutes on our PCMark 8 Creative Conventional battery life test.

During my experience with the IdeaPad 530S, I utilized it basically for composing, video playback, photograph altering, and some gaming. With more than thirty Chrome tabs (one playing video off YouTube), Windows’ default email customer, OneNote, and WhatsApp for Windows open, I figured out how to crush 6 hours out of this thin Lenovo machine each time I charged it. All through the tests, I set the screen brilliance somewhere close to forty and 70%, Windows’ capacity mode slider to ‘Better battery’, and left both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. Battery life plunged underneath the 6-hour mark by just about an hour when I played recordings broadly off the web.

The IdeaPad 530S flaunts a Rapid Charge highlight, which permits the PC to recover two hours of battery life in a short time. In any case, note that this works just if the PC is killed. A full charge from zero happens in less than two hours.

In synopsis, the IdeaPad 530S’ battery is adequate for a large portion of a day of work that includes a great deal of composing, yet no more. A more extended battery life would have been acknowledged thinking of it as’ a standard sight and sound PC wearing a Ultrabook’s garments. All things considered, you may have the option to juice over 6 hours out of it on the off chance that you realize your applications well.

Main concern

The Lenovo IdeaPad 530S has a ton making it work, particularly under that smooth metallic hood. The most recent age Intel Core i5 CPU crunches information quick, and the Nvidia GPU keeps livelinesss smooth. Information stockpiling and recovery is smooth. It remains cool in any event, when the CPU clock ticks quicker. The console and touchpad are a breeze to utilize, and the presentation is sharp. The Lenovo IdeaPad 530S is practically another James Bond actor at that point.