Lenovo Legion Y520 Review

Lenovo Legion Y520 definite audit

On the off chance that you’ve been following Digit for long, you may realize that the Lenovo Y700 won our Zero1 honor for “Best Mainstream Gaming Laptop” in 2016. This year the organization is stretching the limits somewhat further, with the Legion Y520, which is the substitution for the most recent year’s machine. The denews24nation has been changed, the guts have been overhauled, weight and measurements brought down, and the machine is presently important for Lenovo’s Legion sub-brand. On paper, it looks very intriguing and to some degree like the Dell inspiron 7567 I inspected as of late, which implies there is a lot of 1080p execution to misuse. Adventure I did, the Legion Y520 has been a decent gaming accomplice in the previous fourteen days. Yet, not all things are sufficient either.


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Tech specs of our test machine:

Show: 15.6-inch, 1080P, IPS Panel

Computer processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ

Slam: 16GB GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Capacity 1: 128GB Samsung NVMe SSD

Capacity 2: 1TB Seagate 5400RPM

Battery: 45 Wr

Value: Rs. 1,05,101

Denews24nation and Build: New and refined

Like its archetype, the Legion Y520 proceeds with the red-and-dark gaming topic. It’s made principally of plastic, however it is a tough machine and effectively equivalent to section level Thinkpads. The utilization of red accents in places gives the machine a more alluring look, and the rakish front lip makes it unmistakable among a crowd of rectangular denews24nations. The orange fumes at the back and the shoulder mounted speakers look engaging, yet upgrade the style as well.

The Y520 utilizes a comparative center mounted single-pivot instrument as the Dell Inspiron 7567 gaming, however here the flex in the presentation is recognizably lesser, though not totally absent. The console deck offers adequate space for two hands and the utilization of matte-ish paint feels better. The PC is genuinely meager and has adequately adjusted edges, making it simpler to arrive at the console and use it for a more drawn out period.

I/O: All you need

I am pretty happy with the I/O determination on the Legion Y520, as it covers all the rudiments. On the left, you get a USB 2.0 port, a Gigabit ethernet jack, amplifier/earphone combo and the restrictive force port taken straightforwardly from the Thinkpad arrangement. On the right, you have two USB 3.0 ports, a SD card peruser, a USB 3.0 Type-C port and a HDMI out.

Now, I should state that the PC passes up a Thunderbolt port, yet restricted similarity of outsider realistic speakers and the absence of 4K gaming execution on the NVIDIA 1050 Ti makes it a disputable issue. That being stated, I would have favored a third USB 3.0 port with quick charging capacities.

Show: Good not incredible

While the 4K abilities of the 1050 Ti are restricted to video playback and some non-realistic serious games, it does equity to the 1080p show here. The matte 15.6-inch board, is a standout amongst other I have found in the class, in spite of the fact that it isn’t as brilliant as I trusted. Creating 260 lux at the middle, it is certainly better as far as quality and review points than the Dell Inspiron 7567 and most different workstations, however it leaves me needing for additional. Shading proliferation is respectable, however as long as you are not utilizing this machine for Photoshop, it will work well for you.

Console and touchpad: Good enough

The Lenovo Legion Y520 highlights a comparative island style console we have seen from the organization previously. It has huge keys, is very material and offers great criticism. The red backdrop illumination on it coordinates the entire gaming subject of the PC. Additionally, this time it utilizes a two stage backdrop illumination, which implies it has two force settings. The expansion of devoted screen record button is additionally valued.

The synaptics touchpad is additionally very acceptable and responsive. Contrasted with the Dell, it positively feels more smooth, however the exactness is nearly at standard. The two cursor keys are gleaming and fairly raised, which may give the appearance that they may have more profundity, however actually the downturn is minuscule and the two catches are somewhat solid to press.

Execution: At standard with rivalry

The Lenovo Legion Y520 packs a comparative equipment arrangement as the Dell Inspiron 7567 Gaming and the exhibition is essentially at standard too. The Intel Core i7-7700HQ is a decent entertainer totally and offers unthrottled execution whether you are changing over a video or playing thorough games. It was truly noteworthy to see the littlest GTX GPU from Nvidia putting out more than 65fps reliably on Doom, running at Ultra settings.

Realistic escalated titles like Battlefield 1 kept up more than 45fps at ultra settings with incidental screen tearing. I improved casing rates once I dialed down the illustrations quality to high, creating more than 50fps without any problem. Less realistic concentrated tiles like Dota 2 ran easily, at over 120fps on ultra settings.

While the gaming execution is fine, I confronted an odd issue which provoked me to associate an outside console. The thing is, the Lenovo Y520 locks the Windows key when in game, which is really something worth being thankful for, however in the event that you press it unintentionally, the console sometimes secures itself (Windows key + X) design. This implies, after you accidently squeezed the Windows key, squeezing just Q opens Cortana, or on the off chance that you press E for example, another voyager window will open, etc. It transpired during Dota 2 and I can reveal to you it was much more enraging than the slight warming issue the machine has.

Discussing warming, I discovered follows on the correct side of the console and felt it just if while gaming in a non-airconditioned room. It isn’t awkward, nor does it influence execution in any capacity, yet it is there and your palms will undoubtedly get sweat-soaked at any rate.

The 16GB of RAM on our test machine adapted up well on the assortment of outstanding burdens we tossed at it. Besides, the 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD stockpiling arrangement is one of the quickest among its companions. In spite of the fact that, I would have favored a 256GB SSD on this higher variation of the Y520.

Sound quality through the two shoulder mounted speakers is likewise completely astonishing and keeping in mind that audiophiles won’t concur with me, the machine does a truly great job at its cost. There’s little bass to discuss, however it doesn’t seem like PC producers will actually get that right. In any case, the speakers attempt to keep things vivid when you’re gaming, however they’re nothing worth thinking of home about. They are uproarious however.

Battery Life: Just Enough

Concerning the battery, the Dell Inspiron 7567 Gaming has set up another benchmark, which is hard to outflank. The Lenovo Legion Y520 attempts, yet oversees just 50% of what the Inspiron accomplished on the battery test. It goes on for two hours and two minutes on our battery test. You can game in a hurry, without the GPU and processor being choked, however only for about an hour or somewhere in the vicinity. Video playback time is still acceptable and you can complete a film or two on a solitary charge.


The Lenovo Legion Y520 is a decent gaming PC, with an extreme issue. In spite of the fact that the Windows main point of contention isn’t tireless, on the off chance that you look past that, the denews24nation looks great, form is tough and execution is noteworthy. Also, battery life is trustworthy and having an IPS show positively helps improve the visual experience.

Then again, I trust it would have been a more complete bundle, with a bigger SSD alternative. Generally speaking, I would effectively prescribe this machine to whomsoever is hoping to contribute on a sub-one-lakh PC, prepared to do 1080p gaming.