Tanzania's Magufuli sworn in after election win - Africa Feeds

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John Magufuli was confirmed Thursday for his second term as leader of Tanzania after an avalanche political decision triumph excused by the political resistance as a hoax.

His initiation in Dodoma, the Tanzanian capital, continued regardless of resistance requests that new races be held in the wake of announcing far reaching anomalies in the October 28 survey, claims the US and others portrayed as valid.

The president encouraged public solidarity and vowed to work for all Tanzanians, in the wake of making the vow of office and waving a stylized lance and shield before a group that included local pioneers and ministers.

“Elections are now over,” Magufuli stated, rehashing the line twice more before a pressed arena of onlookers, many wearing the green and yellow of the decision party. Outside, his location was radiated on enormous screens for hordes of spectators.

“The biggest and most important task ahead for us all is to build the nation together. I assure Tanzanians that I will honour the oath, and implement what we promised to build the nation. I will work with you all.”

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Magufuli won a devastating 84 percent of votes while his Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party took 97 percent of parliament situates available for anyone.

Magufuli’s primary challenger, the Chadema gathering’s Tundu Lissu, formally won just 13 percent of the vote, while well known resistance MPs lost seats in key fortresses.

Tanzania’s resistance groups called for mass road shows against the outcomes, yet their chiefs were quickly kept and a hefty security presence deflected potential dissent activity.

Indeed, even before the vote, few had accepted the surveys would be free and reasonable, after what they censured as a consistent decay into absolutism under Magufuli’s standard.

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The 61- year-old, nicknamed “The Bulldozer”, was in his initial term blamed for mocking fair treatment and brooking no analysis in the East African nation once held up as a steady majority rules system in a frequently unstable area.

Resistance figures confronted brutality and police terrorizing, press opportunity was crushed, and political assemblies restricted in a consistent crackdown that global rights guard dogs said was a consistent disintegration of opportunities.

Most unfamiliar media were not permitted into Tanzania to cover the political decision, while nearby and global spectator missions were additionally not present.

The US and UK communicated worry over the capture of political pioneers and political decision related brutality, and called for examinations concerning the charges of misrepresentation which the resistance said included voting station stuffing.

Source: AFP