Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman. You can listen to their version of Hey Jude on YouTube and on Spotify.

 I end up in complete conflict with my partner Rachel Lopez's bullet point article of Beatles covers. It disregards probably the best fronts of the Fab Four's tunes, and furthermore some truly cool stuff. Here are 10 (I have a lot more on my playlist). 

Dear Prudence: Jerry Garcia Band. A staple of the Grateful Dead side undertaking, the live forms of this melody (naturally long as one would anticipate from a band related with the Dead) maybe better catch the endeavors of the Beatles and others to remove Tia Farrow (bloom youngster name Prudence; sister of Mia) from a cottage where she had secured herself, probably while on an awful corrosive excursion. The cottage was in an ashram in Rishikesh.

Hello Jude: Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield. Organs, horns and guitar, by two of the experts. Kind of a concoction with Traffic’s Dear Mr Fantasy (promoted by the initial succession of the last Avengers film, Endgame), however that solitary improves it.

I am the Walrus: Spooky Tooth. A truly old band large in Europe. What’s more, a spread I found on account of the end succession of the new Watchmen TV arrangement. It’s hard.

Jet-setter: Jimi Hendrix. As a few spreads have appeared, this was a melody intended to be played hard. Also, Jimi does precisely that. He likewise secured Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Joyrider: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. Another great Dead spread band. Their beat and ad libs harkens back to the Dead at their pinnacle. What’s more, guitarist Scott Metzger is at the top of his game (there’s a front of Dead’s Jack Straw where he squashes in riffs from Eleanor Rigby, so there is another Beatles association for you).

Eleanor Rigby: Rare Earth. Gracious yes! (What’s more, quit worrying about what Gil Scott-Heron says; they are a decent band)

You Never Give Me Your Money: Sarah Vaughan. Between the song, the verses and the interesting and exceptional voice of Sarah Vaughan, this truly slices through the messiness

Hello Jude: Wilson Pickett. Legend has it that Pickett was persuaded to play this melody by a radical meetings guitarist called Skydog (with hip-length hair) who kind of challenged him into it. The slide guitar parts with it. Skydog was Duane Allman.

Here Comes the Sun: Nina Simone. Gracious indeed, once more.

Gracious! Sweetheart. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. How do the Beatles sound on banjo? Ask Bela.

Also, I’ve forgotten about spreads by Joe Cocker (some accept his front of With A Little Help From My Friends is the best Beatles spread ever), GD, Deep Purple, Tina Turner, Brain Damaged Eggmen…