Africa: Afreximbank $400m to Drive Agricultural Productivity

Reacting to the present report from the Organization for Economic Co-activity and Development (OECD) on streams of atmosphere money from created nations to non-industrial nations, Tracy Carty, Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Change at Oxfam stated:

“These figures affirm that immeasurably a lot of the atmosphere account from governments and advancement banks is as advances that power more unfortunate countries to fall further into obligation as they battle with the effects of environmental change. It is especially uncalled for that an irrelevant 14 percent of atmosphere money is setting off to the most un-created countries and only 2 percent to little island creating states, which have done least to cause the atmosphere emergency yet are being hit hardest.

“Climate finance is a lifeline for communities facing record heatwaves, terrifying storms and devastating floods. Wealthy countries should stop inflating their figures with loans that will be repaid, and start increasing grants, especially for the most vulnerable countries to use for adaptation.”