“A Plate of White Marble” tells the tale of the ‘new woman’ of an era that just witnessed the independence of a nation.

Noted Bengali writer Bani Basu’s 1990 novel “Sheth Patharer Thala”, made into an honor winning film featuring Aparna Sen, is presently accessible in an English version.Regarded an exemplary of Bengali writing, the novel is one of the early messages to have discussed the anguish, battle and freedom of the oriental woman.“A Plate of White Marble” tells the story of the ‘new woman’ of a time that just saw the autonomy of a nation.Bandana, the hero, however laments over her significant other Abhijit Bhattacharya’s initial death, in the end quits adjusting to the social undertone and standards of widowhood, in an offer to spare her child Abhirup.Abhirup can’t endure her mom in the clothing of a widow. Furthermore, mentally, it harms him so much that, with the specialist’s recommendation, Bandana begins to wear shaded saree with adornments just for her son.She dares to start her life once more in each conceivable sense, on account of her uncle. Be that as it may, normally, the street ends up being brimming with thistles as she step by step faces mock from numerous quarters of the society.She leaves for her parental home with Abhirup and deals with an occupation with the assistance of her significant other’s companion. Abhirup takes in painting from a craftsman named Sudipto sarkar. One day she meets him. Slowly through various episodes, they come in close contact with each other.Sudipto progressively ends up being the main individual to get the beat of a perishing Bandana. He even outlines a progression of compositions keeping her as the model, introspecting the internal passing on cells of the contemplative person woman.Abhirup can’t acknowledge this relationship and he is prepared to leave her for that. Finally she leaves the solid safe dividers just to work for a far more noteworthy explanation. She joins a halfway house task and consequently frees herself at last.Regarded as one of the most adaptable contemporary essayists in Bengali, Basu has been composing on different points going from history and folklore to society, brain science and gender.A Sahitya Akademi grant champ, a portion of her different books incorporate “Antarghat” (The Enemy Within), “Maitreya Jatak” (The Birth of the Maitreya), and “Kharap Chhele” (Dark Afternoons).